Hatey Bazarey (1967) -Ashoke Kumar – Vyjayanthimala Bangla Movie

Hatey Bazarey (1967) -Ashoke Kumar – Vyjayanthimala Bangla Movie
Direction: Tapan Sinha
Story: Banaphool, Script: Tapan Sinha
Music Direction: Tapan Sinha
Lyric: Rabindranath Tagore (Ogo Nodi Apon Bege Pagol Para)
Playback Singers: Hemanta Mukherjee, Arati Mukherjee, Mrinal Chakrabarty, Vyjayanthimala
Cast: Bhanu Banerjee, Ajitesh Benerjee, Samit Bhanja, Samita Biswas, Chhaya Debi, Ashoke Kumar, Partha Mukherjee, Rudraprasad Sengupta, Vyjayanthimala, Geeta Dey, Ajay Ganguly, Prasad Mukherjee, Nirmal Chatterjee, Chinmoy roy, and more…..

Cinematography: Dinen Gupta

Editing: Subodh Mitra

Hatey Bazarey was a film presented by Priya Films. This is one of the rare Bengali Film by Ashoke Kumar and Vyhayanthimala. The story is based on a novel by Banaphool and very well presented by Tapan Sinha. We have superb rabindrasangeet “Ogo Nadi Apan Bege” in this movie by Hemanta Mukherjee. We even have a song by Vyjayanthimala herself! A great and classic movie to watch again and again.

Here is a shot filmography of Tapan Sinha for your record! Many of the Tapan Sinha Movies are already available to watch online, just search our site by “Tapan Sinha” if you are interested in more movies by the superb director.


Date of Birth: 2 October 1924, Calcutta, West Bengal, British India. [now India] more

Awards: 3 wins & 3 nominations more

FilmographyDirector: 1. Daughters of This Century (2001) 2. Anokha Moti (2000) 3. Wheel Chair (1994) 4. Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1991) 5. Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1987) … aka Return of Robin Hood (India: English title: dubbed version) 6. Aadmi Aur Aurat (1984) (TV) … aka Man and Woman 7. Abhimanyu (1983) 8. Adalat O Ekti Meye (1982) … aka The Law and a Lady (International: English title: informal literal title) 9. Bancharamer Bagan (1980) … aka The Garden of Bancharam (India: English title) 10. Sabuj Dwiper Raja (1979) 11. Safed Haathi (1977) 12. Sagina (1974) 13. Zindagi Zindagi (1972) 14. Sagina Mahato (1970) 15. Apanjan (1968) 16. Hatey Bazarey (1967) 17. Galpa Holeo Satyi (1966) 18. Arohi (1965) … aka Aarohi (India: Hindi title: alternative transliteration) … aka The Ascent (International: English title: informal title) 19. Atithi (1965) … aka The Runaway 20. Jotugriha (1964) 21. Nirjan Saikate (1963) 22. Hansuli Banker Upakatha (1962) … aka Folk Tales of the River Bend (International: English title) 23. Jhinder Bandi (1961) 24. Kshudista Pashan (1960) … aka Hungry Stones 25. Kabuliwala (1956) 26. Upahar (1955)

Writer: 1. Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1991) (screenplay) 2. Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1987) (writer) … aka Return of Robin Hood (India: English title: dubbed version) 3. Aadmi Aur Aurat (1984) (TV) (writer) … aka Man and Woman 4. Bawarchi (1972) (story) 5. Apanjan (1968) (writer) 6. Hatey Bazarey (1967) (script) 7. Galpa Holeo Satyi (1966) (story) 8. Atithi (1965) (writer) … aka The Runaway 9. Kabuliwala (1956) (writer) 10. Upahar (1955) (screenplay)

Composer: 1. Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1987) … aka Return of Robin Hood (India: English title: dubbed version) 2. Hatey Bazarey (1967) 3. Atithi (1965) … aka The Runaway

Producer: 1. Anokha Moti (2000) (producer)

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