April 23, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Hate Story written and produced by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Vivek Agnihotri is a feminist thriller where the protagonist is Journalist in the beginning Kaavya Krishna enacted boldly by Paoli Dam and antagonist is Cement Tycoon Siddharth Dhanrajgir intelligently characterized by Gulshan Devaiya. Paoli at the moment is a name in Bengali film and Hate Story is her brilliant courageous debut in Hindi film. Gulshan on the other hand is already famous and a talent to watch out for Dum Maaro Dum and Shaitan. The film is Kaavya centered. Those who are very close to her in different orbits are Siddharth , his father Kumar(Gopal Sing) and his brother Rajdeep (Joy Sengupta). They  “helped” in their own way in her metamorphosis from a benign journalist to a venomous number one sex worker of the capital . Another important character who eventually is stuck up in this orbit is a minister concerned (Mohan Kapoor). All these negative characters are in the  track of spoiling the life and passion of Kaaviya. Or it can be opined that Kaavya being insulted and humiliated by Siddharth, transformed herself to take extreme revenge against Siddharth and his corrupt empire.  Revolving around Kaavya Krishna in a different positive orbit is her friend philosopher and guide Vicky strongly enacted by Nikhil Dwivedi. .By and large the story revolves around these people keeping Kaavya the fighting woman, as the axis .

Paoli Dam

The hate Story has been stamped as erotic, mostly by the Bengali people who once accused  Aparna Sen for the kiss offerd to a house wife in Parama and even with Satyajit Ray`s Devi they have had the same charge where a suggestive kiss was there between Saumitra and Sharmila. Now if Hate Story is erotic, what to talk about Bernardo Bertolucci`s Last Tango In Paris or Stealing Beauty? If Hate Story is full of nudity, then what to say about  Miklós Jancsó `s Electra, My Love,  God walks Backwards etc? Have you ever seen Pasolini`s Salon? If you have the opportunity to watch Salon, then you are ought to be ashamed for stamping Hate Story as erotic. The bed scenes of Hate Story are realistic, eventual and there is no departure from aesthetics.

But I`m sorry to say tha,t in Hate Story both Vikram Bhatt and  Vivek Agnihotri are devoid of all logistics. Though soft ware graphics have been used extensively and in most cases unnecessarily, but regarding development of man, manner and material they have cared a little about reality. In a nut shell Hate Story film is based on  almost hundred percent make believe concept. But for few frames to start with, 104minutes` cinema is full of illogical baseless events. Well, in this context you may refer to my statement- “The bed scenes of Hate Story are realistic, eventual and there is no departure from aesthetics`. As per the bed scenes are concerned, the frames are indeed very much realistic which are not usual in Indian Film, not to refer  Bengali films in any way. .But the development of the events which led to those intimate scenes is totally unrealistic and illogical. Moreover, the Hate Story very much reminds us of1988 film Khoon Bhari Maang enacted by outstanding Rekha. Though it`s not a remake of the same.

But still seating in the auditorium, one does not get too much bored  because of two factors. Definitely the number one is smart and agile cinematography of  Attar Singh Saini. And then comes personality impregnated performance of Paoli. Sometimes she does not look like an Indian actress. If it is dubbed in English, then with her long legs, firm steps and passionate look-  Paoli`s stature with brown complexion, I would not be surprised, might be confused with any famous South American actress. I must agree that she has a nice cooperation from Gulshan, Mohan and Joy  in one hand and Nikhil on the other.  Powerful actress like  Bhairavi Goswami has been used in a cameo role only for few frames as a mentor of Paoli to bring her up as fucker without any passion or slightest involvement. Same is true for another powerful actress Iravati Harshe who has been used very little. Though Harshit Saxena with his extreme passion has scored the music, but those get very little relevance. Satyajeet Gazmer as editor has done well. The dialogue by Rohit Malhotra is smart but sometimes they sound too much theatrical.

Any way, please do not take it otherwise, as a Bengali I`m proud of Paoli at the moment.

Pachu Ray

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