Hason Raja will be in production from the middle of next year.

December 1, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): I occasionally come across British Asian filmmaker Ruhul Amin. His relentless effort to make Hason Raja is admirable. Hason Raja will be shot in some of the most stunning locations in Bangladesh. It is a co-production between UK, Bangladesh and India.

Ruhul is preparing as much as possible in advance. Recently I caught up with him in a studio in London, where he and his British actor Iftekhar Ahmed were in an instance discussion regarding the character Ifte has been offered in Hason Raja.

As Ruhul presented the in-depth analysis of his character in Hason Raja. I could see a spark of enthusiasm in Ifte’s eyes. Later I had a chance to talk to both of them. Ruhul sees a great potential in Ifte, and is very happy to be able to offer a local performer one of the vital role’s in the film. Out of my curiosity I wanted to know how much Ifte was in tune with the Bengali film world. It came to my surprise! Ifte has an abundant knowledge on both films of Bangladesh and West Bengal. He has seen most of the classics of the golden age of Bengali cinema from Bangladesh and West Bengal. And as a great fan of Mithun he also has seen film’s like Titli and Kaal Purush. I’m sure Ifte will certainly generate lot of interest in Hason Raja and create a vivid example for a lot of up coming British Asian performers and be an inspiration on how to be in tune with their great British and Asian heritage.

Hason Raja fans can followIftekhar Ahmed on http://twitter.com/Ifteamed and get regular updates about the film and he promise to post pictures of  the cast and crew working  on the sets and  behind the scenes.
By: Tanima Choudhury

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