Haryana warns of water shortage in coming months

Chandigarh, Feb 24 (IANS) Haryana’s Chief Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture and Panchayat Dharambir Singh Wednesday said the threat of water shortage is looming large due to continuous consumption of ground water, increase in temperature due to pollution and receding water level in the rivers.

Addressing farmers at a fair at Bhiwani town, 300 km from here, Singh said that the continuously receding water level in the rivers was a matter of grave concern.

He said that water in Yamuna had receded from 6,000 cusecs to 1,500 cusecs.

Water in the Gobind Sagar Lake in adjoining state of Himachal Pradesh, on which the Bhakra Dam is built on Sutlej, was also reducing at an alarming rate, he pointed out.

‘Haryana is facing water shortage of 40 percent compared to previous years. To meet this challenge, there is an urgent need to make extensive use sprinkle irrigation system. This system would help irrigate the plants as needed and eliminate any water wastage,’ Singh added.

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