Haryana gets juvenile justice boards

Chandigarh, Feb 19 (IANS) In a bid to effectively implement the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, the Haryana government has set up juvenile justice boards and child welfare committees in each district, except in the newly-created district of Palwal.

‘Juvenile justice boards and child welfare committees are aimed at ensuring proper upkeep of abandoned children and their rehabilitation through adoption by willing families through notified placement agencies,’ said Geeta Bhukkal, the state’s woman and child development minister, here Friday.

She added: ‘For the welfare of needy juveniles, we have set up a juvenile justice fund and a budget provision of Rs.20 lakh was made in 2009-10 for this fund. A special juvenile police unit has also been established in the state police.’

Bhukkal said the state government has already taken up various measures to implement the provisions of Juvenile Justice Act in its true spirit across Haryana.

‘The act is aimed at welfare and rehabilitation of children in need of care and protection as well as for the children who are in conflict with the law,’ she pointed out.

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