Haryana flood due to mischief in Punjab: Official

Chandigarh, July 10 (Calcutta Tube) ‘Mischevious elements’ in Punjab had caused the diversion of the flooded Ghaggar river’s waters into the Satluj-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal, resulting in breaches and floods in Haryana, an official said Saturday.

‘Punjab is playing a blame game during this crisis situation and trying to mislead everyone. Originally, Haryana’s problems have their origin in Punjab territory because the Ghaggar water has been diverted into SYL canal from there,’ the Haryana chief minister’s principal adviser, R.N. Prasher, told reporters here Saturday evening.

‘Since the SYL canal has a limited capacity, the diversion of Ghaggar water resulted in breaches of its banks in Ambala and Kurukshetra districts of Haryana,’ he said.

‘These man-made and deliberate illegal actions of some mischievous elements in Punjab have caused immense misery to the people of Haryana,’ Prasher said.

Prasher said to prevent such damage and diversion of flood waters, joint patrolling should be put in place at all vulnerable points.

‘We are ready to work together with Punjab and appeal them to fill the breaches in their territory at the earliest. We suggest that a combined police post should be established and joint patrolling by the cops of both states should be done at vulnerable points to avoid such breaches in future,’ said Prasher.

‘The Punjab government is running a false propaganda by accusing Haryana for causing floods in Punjab. It is quite illogical even on the grounds that Punjab is an upstream state whereas Haryana is a downstream state,’ he pointed out.

Due to incessant rains from July 5-7 in this region, breaches occurred in SYL canal and other canals causing floods in Ambala, Kaithal and Kurukshetra districts of Haryana. So far 11 people have lost their lives in Haryana floods.

The floods in Punjab have claimed 21 lives so far.

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