Hardest phase of your favourite TV star


Nothing is easy and fast… and the same goes with our television ke sitaare. Today we look up to them as role models and die to see one glance of theirs and it’s because they are famous and successful. We all know there are no short cuts to success thus Telly Café asks them the most hardest phase of their life which let them down in their career at a point of time.

Avinash Sachdev: I really felt down when I was first assigned the lead role in the serial called Khwaish and later was shifted to negative character. That made me feel more uncomfortable thinking about my future as I don’t wanted to get type cast in as or bad guy on small screen. It was very painful period for me which I can never forget but by god’s grace today I am successful and happy too.

Dimple Jhangiani: As my career has just started I don’t have any hard phase while moving towards success. But yes! As of now I have striven very hard to come up with the so called “success” as I have come from a middle class family. It’s very difficult to make a mark for yourself as there are financial problems and many such things that don’t let you go ahead and climb the ladder of success in this glamorous industry.

Anoop Soni: I think in every actors life, ups and downs keeps happening and success comes gradually. Yes, initially it was really very difficult for me also to prove myself as a very good actor. I think that was the hardest phase in my career when I was always cornered.

Mona Singh: Hardest phase according to me was, when I was done with my role in Jassi Jaisi… and was deliberately trying not to get again into any serials. It was really a tough job to do so. But I have just started my career and there are lots more to come ahead.
Life is a mixture of sweet and sour just like an orange. You got to work hard to get that bitter peeling off of the darn thing till you reach the inside of the juicy sweet fruit.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Telly Cafe

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