Happy to have a daughter: Abhishek Bachchans

Mumbai, Nov 22 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Holding their first official press conference after the birth of a daughter in the Bachchans family, Big B and the new father Abhishek Bachchan said they were happy to have a daughter and the baby was a normal delivery.
“We are happy to have a daughter. Jaya and Abhishek wanted that,” said Amitabh Bachchan, adding that he just wanted a baby irrespective of the sex and wanted it without any complication.
“Big B is now a doting grandfather,” said Abhishek addressing the media at their Mumbai residence Jalsa on Tuesday.
“I am now without job, KBC is also over. So I have no work now,” said Big B and son Abhishek interrupted his father to say the the former is not on a full time duty of the new member of the family.
Big B thanked the media for their cooperation and said the delivery was normal.
“It was a normal delivery,” said Bachchan, adding: “Aishwarya wanted a normal delivery and she was in acute labour for two three hours and had a normal baby. She even did not take the pain killers.”
Abhishek said they will not have any special ceremony for naming the baby.
“Once we get a name we would be happy to just name her,” said Abhishek.
A wave of happiness is passing through the Bachchan family as after months of speculations, actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gave birth to a baby girl on Nov 16 morning at Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai.
“The soft innocence of nature rests in my arms, oblivious of what else happens around her. Occasionally she opens her large and what looks now to be eyes of the lighter hue, which those that have dealt with similar, know shall change with time,” Big B blogged after spending the first day with his grandchild.
“Often the gentlest of smiles quiver across her pouted upper lip, the shut eyes bringing expression through the brows and the settling down to that dream she must dream. Her head covered in the littlest of head gear she will ever adorn, snuggles into her mini quilt of varied colors dominated by the pink softness of its material,” he described.
Ash and Abhishek Bachchan tied knots in 2007.

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