Hans Baliye-Juhi Parmaar-For Comedy Now

Actress Juhi Parmaar after trying tragedy is now for comedy and fun.

Hans Baliye-Juhi Parmaar-For Comedy Now

Actress Juhi Parmaar after trying tragedy is now for comedy and fun.

Goddess of tears and tragedy is now paving her way to comedy. Juhi Parmaar aka Kumkum made her viewers cry for years, till the seven-year-itch got better of her and turned-on her funny bone; now she swears by comedy.

If the judge in the show is biased, and passes judgments in favor of Chanda every time, how often do you think truth will triumph?

Though the Judge favors Chanda, there are times when she loses the case if she is not supporting the truth. It’s a courtroom comedy where only truth wins.

After doing intense role for seven long years, how did comedy happen to you?

I was tired of crying onscreen. It’s a relief to do comedy; also I am getting good offers to do it. It’s a welcomed break from serious roles. I am happy that I am getting a chance to show other dimension of me as an actor, and not being stereotyped as a serious actor. I would not mind doing action comedy as well.

In the beginning of your comedy inning you have got Tikku Talsania and Asif Sheikh, they have spectacular comic timing, so how is it working with them?

They are brilliant people and are helpful as well. We do the readings together, if there is any punch line that suit to someone’s character we try to bring it in. It’s a privilege to work with such actors. Entire set of actors in the scene sits with the director and does the reading in traditional way.

How has your working pattern changed after getting married?

Before marriage I was least bothered about timings and all, but now at nine I start packing for home. After marriage you get the sense of belonging and that is a beautiful feeling and a great commitment.

How was it working with real life Baliye in Hans Baliye?

It has been great, as he is very reticent. From the time he has done Hans Baliye he has also developed a great sense of humor. While rehearsing a scripted fight at times we laugh saying ‘dil mein jo hai saari baat nikaaldo’ and that it’s a script.

Do you miss doing Kumkum?

It has run for seven years, I would say it should have run another seven years. I still meet people who miss watching Kumkum. If ‘Bold and Beautiful’ can run for years, then why not our show! It did not go off-air because of ratings, but as star channel was going through a revamp, they were winding up all the old shows; otherwise our ratings were decent till the end.

How is it to be more popular than your husband?

I have done one serial in seven years and he has done seven serials during that period. He has his share of popularity. In one of the award functions, he was given security, so as to protect him from mob. So it is all about where you are popular.

How it helps to have a husband in same profession?

It’s great to have your partner in same profession as understanding comes naturally. If I am not answering his calls or late at home, I don’t have to explain to him about the situation I was in. We have common things to discuss, and we can comprehend each other’s language. I did not consciously decide to marry an actor, it just happened. I do tell him jab tumhi the toh paanch saal kyun waste kiye, pehle hi shaadi kar lete.

You have known each other for five long years, so when did you decide to settle down?

We have known each other for five years and we were in a relationship for five months before marriage. When we actually got into the relationship, within 15 days we got engaged. We had no ‘let’s get to know each other’ stage, because we have already known each other for years. He is an introvert and I am totally opposite of him, and as they say opposites attract, we gelled really well. We met last year, suddenly we started talking about future. Nothing was formally said of that sort, but we understood that we are in a relationship. I did keep the condition that you will have to officially propose to me, otherwise I won’t marry and then on my B’day he actually did.

What have you discovered about yourself after marriage?

I discovered a cook in me after marriage. I am a very good cook, and I love cooking when Sachin is at home. He likes chicken.

– TV features and interviews / Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn


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