Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda: Tribals to take on city life in reality show

New Delhi, Aug 22 (Calcutta Tube) Let alone televisions and cars, even toothbrushes are alien to some of them. Yet, eight tribal men from the interiors of Karnataka have dared to face 60 days of city life in Bangalore for a Kannada reality show, where they’ll learn a few English words and even do ramp walks.

From living isolated lives in their respective tribes, these men aged between 25 and 34 years will be slipping into jeans and wearing shirts to adapt to the Bangalore crowd for Kannada channel Suvarna’s ‘Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda’, which means – ‘Village lad lands in the city’.

The show is a result of the success of ‘Pyete Hudgir, Halli Lifeu’ (City girl, village life), which garnered an average viewership of one million people with a maximum response from youths, explained Anup Chandrasekharan, business head of Suvarna.

‘This new show is a sequel to ‘Pyete Hudgir, Halli Lifeu’. For the first season, we took eight city girls to experience village life. But this time, we decided to bring not even village boys but tribals to the city and see how they adapt themselves here,’Chandrasekharan told IANS over phone from Bangalore.

According to Chandrasekharan, it costs them up to Rs.700,000-Rs.800,000 per episode to produce such a show.

The team behind the show took approximately three months to research on Karnataka tribes and have brought together contestants from tribes such as Bedar, Sholaga, Haki Pikki, Kodavas of Coorg, Kurubas and others.

‘Our research teams went to various parts of Karnataka and went into the interiors to look for these boys. It used to be very difficult because even the closest shop to their place of stay used to be 25-30 km away.

‘It was also extremely tough to convince them, their parents and relatives. In fact, there is going to be one guy on the show whose wife is pregnant, and by the time he goes back to his tribe, she would have delivered their child. Still he has come to see what a city looks like,’ Chandrasekharan revealed.

‘Most of them have not seen a TV, a car, a mobile phone. And they don’t even use something as basic as a toothbrush or toothpaste. Here we will try introducing them to many new things,’ he said.

The eight tribal contestants will be put up at a huge house in Bangalore and will be teamed with one city girl each. The girls will mentor them through their transformation and the contestants will be eliminated one by one in subsequent weeks, depending on their performance.

‘We plan to have ramp walk contests, change their dressing style, teach them a few English words – and it should be interesting to see how a person who has lived all his life in a remote place adapts to the city atmosphere. ‘

The winner will get a ‘cash compensation’, but the amount hasn’t been decided yet.

‘Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda’ will be on air starting Monday and will be hosted by two-time Filmfare award winning Kannada actress Radhika Pandit.

Chandrasekharan says Kannada channels have for long been dominated by fictional content but now there’s a new space for reality shows and the audiences are lapping it up.

(Radhika Bhirani can be contacted at radhika.b@ians.in)


550 thoughts on “Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda: Tribals to take on city life in reality show

  1. I need to watch halli hyda pateg banda in d net…
    so can u please release the serial episodes in the internet…. I am very excited to watch…

    • i want the reality show halli hyda peteg bandha show to be shown on net,since we miss sum episodes we would like you’l to show the episodes….

  2. I need to watch halli hyda pateg banda in d net…
    so can u please release the serial episodes in the internet…. I am very excited to watch…

  3. i want every one photos as well as videos plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  4. Thanks to suvarna channel for this show. :-) i want this show on internet so plz plz release serial episodes on net

  5. Hi nange halli haida pyateg banda show nalli chandani & bus nagendra andre thumba thumbane ista adalli nagendra yavattu gelli antha ashsthini oky by ummmmmmmmmm

  6. JAGADISH NAIK (CITY:BELGUM) VILLAGE: (NESARGI) / September 24, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Hi nagendra e show mugad mele ninna body na chennag nodko yakandre matte ninna yavudaru show nalli kari bahudu kano,illa andre film nalli karkobahudu bY.

  7. JAGADISH NAIK (CITY:BELGUM) VILLAGE: (NESARGI) / September 25, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Hi akul nivu e show na hege nadistira andre ellar jote nakku,matte funny agi nadthira e show na matte nagendra (bussssssa) abimani yagbitte yakandre avnu nange thumba ne ista ada and avan guna nu chennagi and chandani ge heli nagendrnige enadru thondre adre na sahisolla anth tnks akul plz helri akul nagendr nige so gn akul.busss.chandani.

    ri ri akul nim mp3 song sigthilla ri ade ri (nam kade koli kugidago ottare agutaite) plz

  8. I like rajesh and aisu pair so much

  9. Hi somvara show nalli mostly rajkumar gelbahudu yakandre avnige swalpa matnadlikki barutte so bussssss the nagendra nenenu hedrbeda nanidino gn (chandani & naga) by plz rpl

  10. Kindly Tell me the Resort Name & Place where Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda is staying

  11. hai rajesha hegidiya maga .maga e reality show nalli nine win hag beku maga

  12. hai……………………… i love HHPB program very much…. espically aishu and rajesh pair…. they are simply super.. i like rajesh honesty… thanks a lot suvarna…..

  13. hai akul hope you are doing fine. akul e ondhu showna thumbane chennagi nedskodthidhira.but if you could launch video clips in internet we can watch whenever we get free. because sometimes i missed your programme due to work. namagu mathu namma maneyavarigu halli aidha pyeteg bandha program miss mad dhe nodthidhivi, adharallu aish and raj super jodi, hai rajesh chennagidhira. nimmanna namma maneyalli ellaru thumbane ishta padthare .and also aish your are performing very well,and pls take care of our raj, any how good luck for your next task,


  15. Hey this show is very fine. It’s going on well I like Akul’s anchoring and my most favorite halli ayda is RAJESH because to see his funny moments I like to watch this show plz provide some video clips via internet to my email id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Thanks to suvarna channel for this show.I LIKE RAJESH AND AISHU PAIR I WISH A GUD LUCK FR THR UP CMNG TASK

  17. what happened to RAJESH.why he is behaving like that

  18. I feel todays show is very bad.. We watchng ths show b’coz of rajesh only.. But tday he went back to his forest becoz of arpitha and aishu.. Both of u FUCK OFF.. I wil never watch ths show… Bye…

  19. Hi all
    I am Tanuja. I hardly surf internet but after watching todays HHPB I badly wanted to express my views. I got suvarnas phno from net,called and blasted them. I also saw this site and posting my comment.

    I am not a fan of any pair but somewhat shruthi-rajkumar pair is the only decent pair I see amongst them. They dont get into anybodys business.
    Anyways the thing what I wanted to express here- the way ppl behaved with contestant rajesh was so inhuman. comon I understand he scolded badly to aish, but she shouldnt have made it a big issue and she getting AJ involved and she beating rajesh.. what is happening….Is this a reality show or boxing show.And who the hell is AJ to beat somone. She thinks by doing all these she feels gr8.. I hate her to core. From no angle she is a girl.She doesnot have any decency.Too much showoff. Poor her parents.
    And madam aish is so provoking that she always fights with Rajesh and plays nice blamegame. This group of AJ,Aish,chandini,ramya are so political and always blame others. I also hate akul sometimes he is such a torture. They all made such a big issue today and misbehaved with Rajesh so inhumanly,especially aish, AJ and Akul. When a person like akul who is born and bought up in a city behaves that way.. obviously Rajesh who is a tribal boy who is bought up with diffrnt environment has his own way of speaking. Suvarna channel who planned to get these kind of Tribals should very well know that these haidas cannot become wordsworth/shakespeare overnight to speak great language. This they should understand. That lady Aish took only this point and made such a big issue against Rajesh and fought with him to an extent of beating. She also complained this to all girls. That AJ who the hell is she to intervene. She is one peculiar “No-9″(I hope you understand). Like a don she came and made scene more worse, which could have better handled. She also beat rajesh. Inspite of all these Rajesh poor guy didnt raise his hands. Even if he hails from Tribal he behaved decently and prooved the arrogance of these nasty Aish group. If it was somebody else they would have just given one thrash to Aish/AJ. Damn thing…

    I rarely get wild, but dont know after seeing todays show I felt so bad about Akul,Aish, AJ the way they behaved with rajesh. They should ask sorry to him. They got ppl from jungle and is this the way they treat those guys who dont even know what is culture/conduct/professionalism.. comon this is to its heights.

    I would like all of you to join hands to pls educate suvarna that this show is running only becos of those halli haidas. They have not come here on their will, suvarna ppl have got them here forcefully convincing them. Those haidas have not begged suvarna to put them on show. Then why illtreat. Once suvarna get them here,it is their duty to handle them with care and love. They cannot expect 100% professionalism and behaviour from the tribals. It is like expecting a lemon to be an orange and blaming it is sour. And mainly educate those girls to be like proper girls. particulary that madam AJ and AISHU. Chandini dances according to AJ. The only decent pair is shruthi /rajkumar,nihar,ranjitha.

    Suvarna-To increase your TRP in reality shows , pls dont torture innocent people like our halli haidas.

    • Completely agree with you Miss Tanuja.

    • This is very very correct Miss Tanuja is saying very good message I am 100% agree with her comments. Please dont play with poor people Feeling and others. Like Rajes.

      Please back to rajesh

      Please back to Rajesh

      either your show will be Flop Show This is guarantee

      • chandini and gang leader AJ (arpitha) nan S***a. ninge estana…
        2 membersge ti**a kobbu jasthi…… don’t play with halli haydas feelings they are born and got up in that environment rajesh and all boys are right… don’t shows city girls ego’s..
        if u don’t respect HHS… show will be flop… akul please take care HH because…. they have scarified every thing for this program

    • i m totally agree with u Tanuja.


      Well said TANU… I agree most of the point’s maid by you here. I really like & appreciate the analysis you done… Yes they (Hiadas) are not educated people like you, me & the girls who are the participants in this show… Even I agree with you that AKUL should have not broke his patience what so ever he should have understood that they (Haidas) are illiterate & from forest (As SUVARNA CHANNEL people claims)… Having said this don’t forget that other Haidas are also from the forest as well. It dose not matter whether you are from city or forest as a human we have humanity in us right…? I don’t know how many of you have seen the show after 11pm night… If you have seen you would have understood the situation of AISHU… She literally cried many times even though she is very strong within that’s because of so called entertainer RAJESH… Many a occasion he never wanted to perform a task in that situations AISHU tried a lot to convince him in all the way… If you remember the episode of dance competition when they all are practicing the dance RAJESH was not ready to co-operate to AISHU still some how she managed to perform. Now the points which I’m going to ask you all is, What ever RAJESH said is correct…?
      Why he is so depressed after the elimination of his best friend (unfortunately I forgot the name)…?
      What ever RAJESH acted like a drunken monkey, saying that all this is equal to my left leg & showing leg to AKUL even further he kicks to AISHU…?
      Well in which task he is performed well to become a so called HERO or entertainer…?
      Why he is not like other Haidas…?
      Why he is so brutal & rude…?

      Finally, if I understood correctly by their lip movements he would have said that, “now a days anything can be buy including a girls like you” not only this he said all the vulgar words. This can tempt any one including you & me to act according to the scene.

      My opinion here is that the culprits are not the participants the real culprits are the organizers / event management / show task management. Because they should understand the mentality of the Haidas & set the task accordingly. Well happened is happen from now on SUVARNA CHANNEL people should think twice before setting the task.

      With Love & affection

    • Yes, I totally agree with your openion.The way they all behaved in yesterday’s 30/09/2010 show was cultureless.It was just the same as a group of street dogs fighting each other.
      I think these pyte girls are not having manners,immatured mentality & dont know how to behave.
      These so called pyte girls are representing the city, finally showed how is their treatment for their guests-the innocent halli haidas.
      Always they use singulars to speak to haidas-so irritating & so rough to listen.Is this the basic culture of city what they are showing ?
      Of course they are from village, may be not having much education & so on, BUT they are the guests, they should be respected.
      Just think about PYATE HUDUGI HALLI LIFU, the treatment was so fantastic from villagers & the villagers tried to give maximum that what thay have.
      Sometimes the way AKUL behaving with these haidas is also not good, especially on 30th his way of react is worst.May be this is the first time-in the history , an ankhor reacting so badly.
      Rajesh was reacted because his pot of of tolerance filled & overflowed thats why this wss happened.
      It is better to give training on basic knowledge, behavior,manners , humanity & culture to so called pyate wild girls.

      • Hi

        I completely Agree with you those girls should be eliminated and Anchor Akul is one funny guy, AJ is one hijjra don bldy she is not gil atall.

  20. Hi akul hhpb s simply superb i like the pair ish and rajesh very much but the way he behaved s not good but anyhow u would have solve that issue much better than wht u tried and about aj, avangie hodiyo munchene nimge inform madbekittala :-).plz u ask rajesh to come back plz:) plz.

  21. Am raghu am watching this program daily. In kannada shows i think this was big reality show, but this channel is miss using village people to get name bcz on 30/9/10 show A J slapping Rajesh by doing dis type of media they ll get more name but i ll tell dis is too bad suvarna bcz they wer village people ur using them like anything shame on u. Pls send ur phone no

  22. Hi I am Raj From Uttara Kannada Rajesh is really good i Hate AJ And Idiot Aishwarya,, really its bad .. alwas he calling sister to Aishu.. avanu mugda papa,he is funny charactor, nimage ondu vishaya gotta alli girls Money matte popularity bandiddare but avaru hagalla.. Rajesh ge evattu Sorry kelbeku ella andre navu yaru show nodalla. akul avaru ning bandi Helbahudittu who the hell r they doing this all… evattu suvarna channel alli act madta ero girls sorry kelbeku pls give me your num Akul

  23. Nodu Akhul ninu baididakke Arta ede Aj hodidakke Arta ella enu Roudy Na, I am Employee.. My age 23… I am working As programmer In Karnataka Govt…Give director numb… Nanu Rajesh ge Chennagi nodkoltini.. I love him lot he is good evattu Sorry Rajesh ge AJ kelbeku aste,, nine Aj helidlu.. Nimma akka tangige yaradru hige heldre sumnirtidra ,, ade nau Avalige keltini Namma tammanige nive Yaro hudugina number togo baa andu pulic alli hodedu Number togo baa antidra, adi na Rajesh ge Aishu ne 1st Hodediddu,, evaru yari avanige hodeyoke,, Sahaja avanige sittu barutte avanadu enu tappilla aste, he is good…Edu pate haida Hallige Banda Show,, Pate hudugiri Halli Haidarige Hodeyuva show alla,,,,,, Mid it

  24. RAJESH & AIshu we are like so much to you

    Ninne nadeda jagaladalli ninna tappu enu illa ella tappu Arpita AJ & AISHU Rajesh is Inocent and Honestly Person. Rajesh Ninu Madiddu Sari ide Arpita mattu Aishu Ninage Sorry Kelkobeku. Rajesh Vaapas Bandre I show Hit agutte Illandre I show Innu munde Yaru Nodode Illa. I show Tumba Flop Show agutte . Please pLease back to Rajesh

  25. hey Rajesh yeno maga idu.I hate AJ like anything. this s not fair. what u think about urself.i will tell u one thing this show only depending on Rajesh pair. but u ppl treated him very badly.never acceptable
    he s really controlled him a lot. if he hit back to AJ means tatsit.They never came here for ur money.dnt treat them badly.they hate city from the core n u ppl making it more n more.
    AJ has to participate in boxing this s not a right show for her.
    I hate Suvarna channel.to increase TRP level u ppl ll do everything. shame on ur side..
    Akul i nevr expected this from u.u can handle it nicely but u started shouting.No u dnt have ability to handle this.. bye

  26. i agree with Tanuja.
    The show is runned only by the village boys and whatever AJ did was wrong..
    You people must behave good with Halli Heida’s.. AJ has no right to hit the boys and whatever it would be,there might be aishu’s mistake as well…





  27. This is very bad suvarna..

  28. i’m a fan of Halli Haida, Pyeteg Banda but after watching yesterday’s show i really have planned to never watch da show again bcoz it shows that da girls r using the tribal boys has their servants. who don’t now anything.i feel ur torching da tribal boys.it’s totally da mistake of aishu and arpitha.they both suck to da core.i dont think that it is a reality show.i think it is a political show.aishu is overacting.i wont watch da show until and unless rajesh is back.ask arpitha not to show her strength on tribal boys.as she does to da girls.ask both arpitha and aishu to have some humane character.i dont think they r girls bcoz they do not have any patience.arpitha dont think ur great. i appreciate akul’s character yesterday…….bye……..

  29. akul rajesh na vapasu karsi aj&aishvarya kaili soory kelsi ella andre paristhithi nim kai meeruthe .avaryaru rajesh mele kai madlikke?avarigenu rights ede?halli enda hudugaranna karkondu bandu esthu kettadagi treat madodu sarina? rajesh thumba ole huduga may be avanige baiyodikke padagalu gottilde kewttadagi baidirbodu ,adre adanna eshtu dodda issue mado agatya AJ & AISHU ge erallilla kannada dalli baidare ketta pada english nalli baidre??????? girls english nalli baidilva? obba huduganige camera munde hudugi hodeyodu eshtu sari? but rajesh nijavagalu thalme enda decentagi behave maddidane .akul neev rajesh jagadalli eddu nimage hudugiru camera munde hodiddidare neev henu madittiddari tell me I WANT UR RESPOSE AKUL SIR

  30. vijay kumar g / October 1, 2010 at 2:55 am

    i am realy disapointed yes’day night because of aj, akul and aishwarya , suvarna channel avru halli inda banda rajesh ge tumba olle prize kottiddira alwa, this shows ur decency , nobady has supported to rajesh ,le city girls neev ado ata nodidre namge hodibeku ansutte ,shame on u ,this show wil flop witout rajesa ,plz com back and iam agree wit tanuja as she said above , god bless u maga bye and thooooo no.9 aj

  31. RUDRESH .S.N. / October 1, 2010 at 2:57 am

    I like this show very much….please send me photos of all pairs….

  32. vijay kumar g / October 1, 2010 at 3:08 am

    dont play wit halli boys , only god knows whether ur boy r girl , naane powerful anta meribeda devru amele saryag ilistane ,shame on hhpb heads and director, i am waiting for maja wit sruja

  33. Hi all,
    Pls call up suvarna and express your views. I’d called up yesterday night after 8pm show and blasted them but could not speak to Prg Manager as it was late.
    I dont think mere writing here will work. I dont think any suvarna ppl who runs this programme will look into these comments regularly.
    We need to warn suvarna to monitor their programmes as they are watched by 1000′s of Kannadigas and this creates a bad impression wrongly to everybody.. :(

    Suvarna’s Address:
    Asianet Suvarna Kannada Channel
    No.202, 2nd Floor, Embassy Square,
    No.148, Opp To Police Commissioners
    Office, Infantry Road,
    Bangalore – 560001
    Phone: +(91)-(80)-30550666 / 30550607
    Fax: +(91)-(80)-30550606
    Web: http://www.asianetglobal.com

  34. hi suvarna…..nim hhpb prog tumba chenagidey but yesterday tumba bejar aitu…aishu nd Aj madidu tappu bcoz rajesh innocent avanu bandirodu forest endha…avarige city ppl jothe mingal hagodu gothila adhana nivu helikodbeku yavdu sari nd yavdu tappu adana nivu helikodbeku adana bttu yav rights ell nivu rajesh ge hodiyoke…plz avan atra soryyyyy keli nd avan ge nivu heli kodi.. Akul nim anchoring chenagidey..plz nivu swalpa yochane madi problem slove madi…. Akhul nivu baididakke Arta ede Aj hodidakke Arta ella.so plz come back rajesh mathe ninu eeriti bhv madbardu ok na nd all the best 4 u r future…plz ninu nd aishu win hagbeku…nd rajesh ketta words use madbardu…ninu Aj nd aishu atra sorry kelu…sory kelodrinda yenu tappu ella… ninu nin patner aishu jothe mathe jagala hadbardu…nin aval ge bydidake aval gu bejar agidey so plz sory kelu…..bai………….

  35. i called to that number they r not.. giving to any one

  36. hi suvarna HHPB program super………i like Rajesh(sathya harishchandhra) nd Aishu(deempal girl)

  37. Akul if u r good then u must ask sorry to Rajesh

  38. hiiiiiiiiiii aishu don’t take thet matter serious…. pls be a good frd with rajesh till the show end… k i like uuuuuuuuuuu…and won the battel..

  39. Hi suvarna

  40. Hi suvarna channel.I like HALLI HAIDA PYATEG BANDA very much.I like Akul he is too cool…I liked all the pairs especially aishu& rajesh.But by seeing rajesh acting rudely i think this show would be flop.this show is popular only because of rajesh.he is very innocent and childish you should have treated him very gently akul you could have solved the problem if u did not shouted on him.AJ slaped him only for using bad words ON Aishu.?DONT THESE GIRLS USE BAD WORDS??This is entarily the fault of AJ AND AISHU.
    But there is some fault from Rajesh also…..BUT WHY WOULD AISHU BOTHER ABOUT THE MICK THAT WAS NONE OF HER BUSINESS..SHE WOULD HAVE KEPT QUITE NA???and akul you r too cool,why did u became that hot suddenly?????
    Thankyou akul…

  41. AJ and Aishu has to apologize and QUIT the programme and Rajesh and Manju should get Ranjitha and smitha as partners.

    Down down to AJ – Aishu arrogance..

  42. J. R Dasgupta / October 1, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Tanuja after reading ur comments about the show, I got interested and saw one episode on Friday afternoon. As I am a bengali and their is no english subtitle the dialougs were not that clear. But what I saw visually is quite shocking. It is like getting sadistic pleasure out of some uncut human beings.


  44. Akul you are mind blowing but after the accident of last show,my respect towards are just gone..
    you too must ask sorry to Rajesh and AJ and aishu must QUIT the show..

    they are not meant to be the partners anymore of Halli boys.

    Hey guys just see to it,AJ behaved so badly with Rajesh,just imagine how cruel she might be with her partner behind the screens..

  45. It is too much, bringing one halli haida for the show and handling in this way, sorry. He came for your show, he did not come to you himself. As halli haida they are very delicate mind strong physic and might be stubborn. As pate hudigre they should handle them very careful and they should give respect to the innocent people. Just these girls are from city are they great. Here they do not know how to handle with innocent people here they failed. Is this way they behave with halli haidas. They have not even seen tooth brush and paste as you know, with such guys these girls behave like big heroins. very bad. they will have lot of selfrespect, they cannot bend justlike that with every tom tik. Even then they handled few silly tasks for the show.They have been used them as jokers, it is not correct.

    Akul is there to handle, why should somebody enter into the picture as if they are very great.too bad. Before the camera the scenes are like this, off the camera, just think how they must be handling these halli haidas, God only knows. Akul is the only person to handle such situation taking them before and sort out the issue.

  46. Hi all…..

    Iam agree with Miss Tanuja & Mr.Rajesh Kumar…….both are right……..Please thorw those idiot females Aj & Aish from this show……..they are playing with innocent halli guys……please akul you are also behave decent with halli guys…i hate AJ (lady rambo)& Aish (idiote & Malevolent female)…….throw them out from this show………

  47. Good evening karnataka.Im Akul the anchor of HALLI HAIDA PYATEG BANDA.
    Thanks to all suvarna viewers who have posted their comments here,I feel sorry about the incident that had happened with Rajesh in last episode.I was so raged because of that vulgar words he had used on girls.But it was uncontrolable to me.
    But you folks especially TANUJA.YAKITHA,RAJESH KUMAR,HITHESH ,please be calm down ok.Now all the things are undercontrol.Rajesh is back and all the girls had apolagized rajesh.
    So please watch dabour vatika presents ‘Halli haida pyateg banda’.

    • Hi,
      nanege ninu madidu tappu yenisudilla so don’t require of sorry and thank you such good anchorig

    • Akul

      Throw bldy female AJ rowdy, I have seen the way she treats married manjunath using singular yeh ano ogo baro odithino………………………….

      Smitha wasnt like that Ranjitha wasnt like that.


  48. Hello Akul this is Anil Bangera.
    I like ur show and i don’t think ninu yenu tappu madiddiya.because same to same RAJESH i also has one friend and i know how difficult to control those boys.
    According to me Aish has lot of pesions.
    Rajesh gandu agi hudugiyarige hodiyudu sariyalla.kadinida bandare yenaitu esttu chikka vishaya yellarigu gottirute.To hit the girls is shame on rajesh.entertian madtane andre avanu devru alla.

    • Baa navu neenaghe hodithive neenu sumaneiruthiyaatha nodonna singular mathugallu dhodu heroine nenappu AJ ghe thooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kachadha gandubhiri throw her out and get back Ranjitha smitha. Ye AJ leyy 9……… neenu thooooooo

  49. vijay kumar g / October 1, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    now da show is on, go head rajesa ,chandini and aj na manege kalsi, and akul dont blame others for ur fault , rajesa nna chennag nodkoli ,82rs sikta maga, ninge fans tumba idare maga including me also, al da best aisu and rajesa bye

  50. sorry i wanted to patiens not pesions

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