November 21, 2010 (Calcutta Tube) Read the critical analysis of latest Aishwarya-Hrithik Roshan Hindi Movie GUZARISH by Usman Khawaja at Calcutta Tube.

(The slab of granite called SLB)

  • Directed by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Produced by: Ronnie Screwvala, Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Screenplay by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Bhavani Iyer
  • Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai
  • Music by Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Cinematography Sudeep Chatterjee
  • Writer: Usman Khawaja
  • Rate: NO STAR



I was absolutely committed to not saying a word on this account of ‘Bolly Folly’ on disability but as a neurologist in rehabilitating who deals with quadriplegics and euthanasia I am petrified by this pathetic exorcism on a very sensitive human issue.

The account of a man in utter suffering being treated by a nurse who is also a physician and speech and physiotherapist and a ‘lover ‘is a vulgar and vehemently venomous travesty of this subject.

Add to this the fact that Hritik Roshan  can only smile and in one’ fixed facial tic’ and you have a caricature where the quadriplegic looks better as the chronic wasting disability progresses and as we all descend into a gorge of artistic mockery with the mock ‘baroque frames ‘that make this clutter an utter pastiche .

The ‘songs and music are utterly excruciatingly painful with a theme song sung by the ‘man claiming euthanasia as an ultimate release, as worded “aaya aaya moo moo “, where the audience actually burst out in laughter while every ‘grossly overacted ‘character in this crap was crying on the screen in a mass horror.

The cinematography was inexorably inappropriate trying to make this look like a romantic period epic while the vision of the director is nonexistent.  As he does not even have a clue as to the fact that a quadriplegic has ‘postural ‘complications and ‘autonomic failures’ as the worst nightmares, and everyone wallows in self pity and an orgy of self indulged glory while Hrithik proclaims he is the greatest magician ever on planet earth in the most ridiculously written script ever as he is dubbed Merlin in a malady as malodorous as a maggot in a sewer.

Aishwariya either overacted or did not bother at all and wore cheap imitation clothes and jewellery as Carmen the gypsy woman rather than a nurse and there is an absurd subplot where she has a abusing husband who is envious of her love for the cripple patient.

The sequence where Aishwariya and Ethan as the cripple, are abused by her villainous husband are so miss- directed and badly acted that it has to be the worst dramatic misadventure eve , and amen to the Bansali as this makes Devdas look like a masterpiece.

Mister Bansali has no right to strip Indian cinema of all dignity and sophistication and in this ploy I am disgusted with this dribbling diatribe.

While ‘Tare Zamenpar’ was somewhat flawed, it was a good account of autism, and had a decent plot and a good child actor but this is miscast and mal -executed from the word malnourished to miss directed, and that is an understatement.

The magician who is sabotaged by another magician, called ‘Yaser Siddiqui ‘in an acrobatic act and is disabled for life in the accident which is ‘never investigated ‘[the ropes being cut by a saboteur in an international event is unintentionally hilarious as ‘Ethan mascarenhas looks even better years later than before as his posture is as good as a ‘stallion’ and he talks in a final speech as if he was mister Obama delivering his last speech in white house in 2012, and god bless them both as well.

I feel pity for the audience who I think need ‘Euthanasia’ after watching this monstrous preposterous floss from the man who once made ‘Khamoshi’ which is a classic on ‘disability and handicap ‘set in baroque ‘Goa as well, and I am aggrieved and totally grief-stricken at his grotesquely mangled Guzarish.

If you want to copy French cinema like diving bell and butterfly or Italian like ‘Chiava de la Casa’ or French Canadian Oscar winners on ‘Euthanasia’ ‘than please I plead with you Guzarish a ‘gentle plea ‘in Persian language to get your brain fixed before turning a neurological tragedy into a gross insult to art and medical science.

This is a hilariously ridiculous travesty for disabled person and a shame for Bollywood as a whole collective mass experience as “aaya aayo mama mama yo yoo” and should be designated for every’ raspberry award’ possible.

17 thoughts on “GUZARISH (2010) Hindi Film Review: A GROTESQUE GROSS GENOCIDE IN GOA

  1. I went to see the movie thought it was awesome, erm I suggest that you all make your own minds. The above review seems like it was penned by someone who got out of the wrong side of bed, who has no idea about disabilities. I will also go as far as saying that this movie will win awards for both the main stars.

  2. Wow….what a review…everything explained perfectly…just went thru the indiafm review by tarAn adarsh too…felt like tarAn was paid a ton of money for the review..he gave the movie 4stars…WTF …anyways …I know where I have to come for reading the reviews next time ..cheers!

  3. This article is utter crap and the writer obviously devoid of any cinematic sense whatsoever!! The kind of writer who will vote for a Golmaal movie to the Oscars!! Take a hike Calcutta Tube Team, the only grotesque thing here is the Calcutta Tube team!! The stupid dumbass team!

  4. Usman Khawaja at Calcutta Tube is the STUPIDEST writer and a brainless wonder on the face of the earth. The upbringing of this writer must a troubled one and hence the finer point in film was completely missed. These writers are biased and jealous of stupendous achievement by an accomplished team of Guzaarish. Usman should only analyze fatwas from various factions and keep restricted to such writings only. Guzaarish is a beauty and Usman is the beast.

  5. The movie is just great!!!! This review sounds very prejudiced and more of a subject matter analysis… The reviewer—sorry the critic must be suffering from indigestion while watching the movie and writing this review!

  6. Hi. This was the first link that flashed when I googled for ‘Guzarish’. You’ll not believe this but I just shot a small email to my friends with pretty much the same review, and was glad to see my POV is same as any other average audience. Pasting my email below. Cheers to your review. It sucks when people mis-direct on such a sensitive topic.

    Navneet’s 15 most likely questions for a 3 hour stress TEST called ‘Guzarish’:

    1.Was Goa ruled by Portugal or Spain?
    2.Why does a neck-down paralyzed Hrithik shout at Ash for not applying medicine on his back?
    3.How can Hrithik pull-off the trick of using the SAME assistant for all his shows, to be a volunteer from the audience?
    4.Why does a guy who is neither Hrithik’s enemy nor a magician or no background in the story what-so-ever, sabotage his act that almost killed him.
    5.Which cartoon character sports an afro, wears a bow tie and wear 3/4th pants…all at the same time?
    6.I tried rubbing wet tissues in my hands, and focussed my anger (tee hee hee) on the my hands (hahahhahahhahaha). No magic. Why?
    7.Which part of Goa does is dark, gloomy and it rains 24/7, 12 months a year?
    8.Why does Hrithik live in a lavish house all alone, when he can actually sell it and get done with his debts?
    9.Why does the worlds greatest magician/illusionist use simple cables to pull him in air, which are not monitored by anyone and left freely to be messed around with?
    10.Why was Hrithik’s mom got back into the story, only to be pronounced dead 3 scenes later, with no ailments what-so-ever?
    11.Which radio channel is up only for one hour (approx.) a day?
    12.Which phenomenon of paralysis leads to zero muscle wastage/loss even after 14 years, making the patient look exactly the way he/she did before the ailment?
    13.Why does Ash file for a divorce after staying away from her hubby for 14 years and right in time in the last 15 mins. of the movie?
    14.Why does Hrithik decide to get married to Ash and end his life on the same day?
    15.How many people applied for euthanasia after watching Guzarish?

    Please answer in grief…eeerrr…brief and email them to

  7. To Dr.Usman Khawaja
    This was indeed a pleasure to know that there are still people in India with a sane head ontheir shoulders.
    My sincere request to such film-makers is that instead of wasting so much money on such a disaster, if they really feel for people suffering from such calamities,then they can contribute this amount to the welfare of the less fortunate ones, so that at least they can die in peace knowing that the family that they leave behind will at least not die of hunger.

  8. i totally disagree with this pathetic review by some over reactive neurologist who thinks he is God n knows evry human mind n emotion…I as a audience really enjoyed the movie n got emotionally attached with every scene of the movie… both hrithik n aish have done marvellous job… n this movie was not about all the quadriplegic patient. its about ethan who thinks this way n this thing was said in movie over and over again, but some people have mind so little that they could never understand this thing… nyways i rate this movie 5 stars n loved both hrithik n aish

  9. Absolutely agree. Couldnot have put it better myself.
    I felt like walking out of the cinema in the first half itself because of the sick manner they treated the subject. Trying to put romance into everything works most of the time for this case it was an overkill.
    There is no glitter of hope or happiness in the movie, even when love is presented openly to the world. Then if it were meant to be a sad epic saga of this mans suffering, where is the story here?
    It just leaves you hanging like something is going to happen and this all is going somewhere. But then it ends where it started, he wants to die…?!

  10. This neurologist who has posted this review…is either a idiot or is mentally disturbed himself…i have seen the movie today,and i feel it is one of the best of Bansali’s work..Hrithik has given his best …and his comment on the song aayaa maya maya …in the last scene of the movie is tottaly wrong …as i am a goan and the song is a folk song and is sung in times of joy…and hrithik is really happy as it is the end of his sufferring …so i feel this neurologist must do his homework…before trying to become a critic

  11. Whoever is the author of this review, needs to get his basics of writing a review clear. He has spoken as if being a critic he has all the freedom to talk bullshit about any movie… What do you guys work for? Oh yea Bengali movies? ,l,

  12. i think guzaarish was a beautiful movie and Sanjay leela bhansali is a master crafts man…
    every scene in guzaarish was etched out beautifully and if people cant appreciate it,,,doctors,morons,critics alike..its their problem..
    how come these ”so called” criitics dont sht up

  13. Dont waste your money over this movie. It has no story line at all, all about Euthanasia, extremely no substance in the plot. Watch it only if you have to, I would say watch on it TV when it releases.

  14. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I want my money back!!! More over I want returned the 2+ hours of my life WASTED watching this sorry excuse for a movie!!! It was by FAR the worst movie I have EVER watched!!! SLB… PLEASE STOP making movies!!! Ash and Hrithik… PLEASE START reading scripts before your say yes to the first piece of **** that comes your way!!!

  15. I agree with the review above and every single one of you that does disagree. I just wanna tell you to fuckin’ get a head. Lord, the movie was a piece of shit and all it did for me was waste cash and some hours. FLipping hell wow what a sorry excuse- this actualy makes GOLMAL look like a good movie WTF.

  16. May I please say that Taare Zameen Par dealt with Dyslexia and I am surprised that a neurologist supposedly involved in Rehab didn’t notice that!!!
    But I do agree that a nurse cum physician cum speech therapist cum physiotherapist is RIDICULOUS!!!

  17. I think Calcutta Tube must think twice before coming up with a review like that. Is there any derth of flim critic that a ‘faltu’ person is given the responsibility of writing the review of such a big banner film. All cinema lover should watch this movie for its super composition of each frame, playing light and shade like a great painter,soulful music and ofcourse Hritick and Aishwarya! Hats off to Bhansali! Not every person has the calibre to appreciate him.

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