Gurgaon, Puducherry students India’s two tiger envoys

New Delhi, Nov 12 (IANS) The World Wide Fund (WWF) India Friday announced its two youth ambassadors – Devanshu Sood of Gurgaon and Anusha Shankar of Puducherry – who will represent the country at the Youth Summit in Russia this month to discuss the importance of tiger conservation.

The summit will be held parallel to the International Tiger Forum which will also be held in Russia.

While this summit will be held in Vladivostok, home to the Amur tiger, in Russia Nov 14-24, the International Tiger Forum will be held Nov 21-24 at St. Petersburg.

According to officials of the WWF-India, the youth summit will aim to draw attention to importance of tiger conservation and convey the concern of the future generation on the plight of this species.

Ravi Singh, CEO, WWF-India said: ‘Holding a youth summit alongside the International Tiger Forum will be conveying the voices of the younger generation to the world about the fate of these magnificent cats’.

‘The Youth Tiger Summit presents a wonderful opportunity to the participants to learn from others, share experiences and contribute towards tiger conservation efforts in their respective countries,’ he added.

Sood is a class 11 student at the Shriram School, Gurgaon. A core member of his school’s Junior Tiger Task Force, he said that being a part of the tiger conservation programme is a life-altering experience.

‘I feel that the youth are the future of the tiger, and I will continue to spread awareness about tiger conservation to the best of my capacity,’ Sood said.

Shankar is a student of M.Sc Ecology and Environmental Science at Pondicherry University.

‘The natural world has always fascinated me. I decided, long ago, to pursue this passion professionally. The Youth Tiger Summit is a great opportunity for me to contribute to tiger conservation initiatives,’ she said.

‘I believe that the onus is on the youth to build a better tomorrow. It is our responsibility to develop a future that is better than the past and I intend to use innovative and creative ways to spread awareness about this,’ she added.

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