Gurgaon hotel to buy ‘cage-free’ eggs only

New Delhi, Feb 17 (Calcutta Tube) It’s not an uncommon sight – scores of hens cooped inside a tiny cage, with barely enough space to even spread their wings. In an effort to discourage such acts of animal cruelty, an NGO is trying to motivate hotels to use eggs of only those hens which have not been confined in battery cages.

According to Humane Society International (HSI), the NGO which is trying to popularise the concept, the Crowne Plaza hotel in Gurgaon Wednesday committed itself to the cause, thus joining several others across the world.


‘We know that by simply saying that go vegetarian or advising not to eat eggs is not going to serve the purpose of lessening cruelty towards animals. The least you can do is ensure that the egg that you buy doesn’t come from a hen which has been tortured in a tiny, battery cage,’ said N.G. Jayasimha, campaign manager of HSI said.


‘Cage-free eggs come from hens who move about freely within a shed. Crowne Plaza is the first hotel here which committed itself to procuring only such eggs for their use,’ he added.


According to Jayasimha, more than 80 percent of egg production in India occurs in battery cages. Battery cages are an industrial agricultural confinement system used primarily for egg-laying chickens.


‘Various corporate houses across the world already follow a cage-free egg consumption policy. Even Google and AOL have enacted cage-free egg policies in their cafeterias,’ he added.


‘I hope after the Crowne Plaza, other hotels which procure eggs in bulk for their eateries and bakeries, also follow the same path and people too take up after that,’ Jayasimha said.

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