Gurgaon hit by water woes, residents write to president

Gurgaon, June 1 (IANS) Gurgoan is facing a shortage of 20 million gallons of water every day, according to an organisation formed by residents of the city adjoining the national capital. They have written a letter Tuesday to the president in this regard.

‘The present population of Gurgaon is 20 lakh. As per norms the city requires 360 million litres daily (MLD) or 80 million gallon (MG) of water supply. At present, the water works at village Basai has a capacity of delivering 60 MG of water. So there is a net shortage of 20 MG,’ said the spokesperson of the residents organisation, Mission Gurgaon Development.

Members of the MGD who conducted a study on the water shortage in the city, said that 60 MG of water which is available is not distributed uniformly to all parts of the city.

‘Firstly the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) water works does not get the required amount of raw water supply from the feeder canal because of the overall shortage of canal water supply in Haryana. Then 20 percent of raw water is lost in evaporation and seepage,’ the spokesperson added.

HUDA has only two rising main tanks of 1300 mm and 900 mm. ‘These two mains are unable to carry the required water supply, particularly during the peak demand hours. Hence HUDA needs one more rising main,’ he added.

There are many areas in the city where the distribution system has not yet been laid and these areas have to depend entirely on tubewells for water supply, the study said.

‘The entire cyber park of 144 acres has been drawing ground water for many years. Similarly, HUDA has not laid the distribution system beyond 55 sectors,’ he added.

The sectors along Sohna road where many parks and housing projects have come up are totally dependent upon tubewell water supply, the study added.

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and Public Health Department Gurgaon are running about 30 tubewells to provide water supply to some of the areas.

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