Gujarat schools to get novel study help

Gandhinagar, July 16 (Calcutta Tube) In a novel move, a special audio-visual programme will be beamed across schools in Gujarat to help students understand difficult subjects in an easy manner.

The programme will be beamed through the Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Applications and Geo-informatics (BISAG) from July 26.

According to an official of the Gujarat Secondary Education Board here Friday, their research team has identified key portions in the high school syllabus that students generally find tough to comprehend. The topics in the mathematics, science, English and social sciences syllabus have been marked for additional attention.

‘Sometimes teachers miss important points while explaining the topic. In others, teachers themselves are not sure of it. We identified such topics and have worked out answers in a manner that the student finds easy to understand,’ the official said.

A circular about the programme has been issued to all the schools. ‘All the government schools as well as grant-in-aid institutions have been equipped to receive the beamed signals,’ he added.

The Gujarat government has initiated the move in a bid to improve the quality of education of high schools.

According to the time table prepared for the programme, science has been allotted 94 days of the working school days, mathematics 94 days, English 95 days and social sciences 97 days.

The circular issued by the board has directed the district education officers to ensure that every student participates in the programme.

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