Gujarat plans eco-sensitive zones around sanctuaries

Gandhinagar, May 18 (Calcutta Tube) Gujarat is planning to demarcate eco-sensitive zones around all the 22 wildlife and bird sanctuaries in the state, an official said Tuesday.

S.K. Nanda, principal secretary, Forest and Environment, said the move was aimed at creating an atmosphere around the sanctuaries conducive to the well-being of the animals and birds. He added that the proposal for such zones, which will stretch from two to ten km around the periphery of sanctuaries, has been sent to the central government.

To begin with, the bird sanctuary at Nal Sarovar near Ahmedabad will be taken up as it is prone to considerable disturbance due its close proximity to an urban agglomeration, he said.

‘The bulk of the birds coming to Nal Sarovar are migratory and travel large distances to reach here. Excessive disturbance is likely to turn them away so we are planning an eco-sensitive zone around the sanctuary that provides a tranquil atmosphere to these birds. Mining and explosions will also not be permitted,’ he added.

These zones will seek to prohibit industrial activity and strong measures will be initiated to curb pollution.

‘There is a need to curb building activities including residential colonies in such zones,’ Nanda added.

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