Goraye Gondogol is a laugh-riot from the beginning. But it falls short by around half an hour before finish. One can see the scathing satire repeated by D.B. Singha Roy (Deepankar De) who is obsessed with ‘high birth’. Aniket Chatterjee established his ability to use comedy as a medium to present satire in Bye Bye Bangkok. It comes out the best in Goraye Gondogol. When Rik (Rahul) found someone (Rudraneel Ghosh) trying to pick his pocket in a crowded bus and in disgust, handed over his wallet to Nochu, he did not imagine in his wildest dreams how an insulted Nochu would try to help him get married to his girlfriend Pola (Sampurna).

  • Banner: R.P. Techvision Productions
  • Presented by Sibaji Panja
  • Produced by Kaustuv Ray
  • Story, Script, Dialogue, Direction: Aniket Chattopadhyay
  • D.O.P.:Badal Sarkar
  • Editor: Mohammed Kalam
  • Music Arrangement & Direction: Souvik
  • Art Director: Ananda Addhya

Cast: Deepankar De, Kanchan Mullick, Rajataava Dutta, Manasi Sinha, Saswata Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Kharaj Mukherjee, Biswanath Bose, Biswajit Chakraborty, Locket Chatterjee, Konineeca Banerjee, Shankar Debnath, Rajesh Sharma, Lama, Rahul and Sampurna Lahiri

Date of release: February 3, 2012

Rating: 06/10



D.B. Singha Roy puts forth only one condition – the man Pola (Sampurna) chooses to marry must be of ‘high birth’ from an extended family. Rik is an orphan. Nochu organizes the ‘extended family’ to represent ‘high birth’. Rik finds strange people landing in his flat to introduce themselves as his ‘family’. Ghulam (Rajatava Dutta), is a professional kidnapper who carries a cage with a dead parrot and hangs it to any wall using his knife as a peg. He ‘becomes’ Rik’s big uncle. A bootlegger who runs an illicit liquor bar (Kharaj Mukherjee) is his second uncle and the brothel madam (Manasi Mitra) is his wife. The man who sells movie tickets in black (Saswata Chatterjee) becomes the small uncle and the thief (Konineeca Banerjee) is his wife. There is a widowed aunt too (Locket Chatterjee), a sex worker by profession. This ‘family’ of ‘high birth’ needs a palatial mansion to live in. With the inventiveness of Ghulam, they kidnap the stiff-necked lawyer Sasanko (Biswadeep Bose), demand a ransom for Rs.10 lac and get the house for a month. These marginal people try to adjust to the demands of mainstream society and ‘high birth’ setting the laughing machine in motion.


There is a moving line the sex worker utters, “We will never get married or have a family. Let us help this young man get one.” The triumph of the film lies in its characterization, dialogue and satire. The characters are fully fleshed out complete with their idiosyncrasies and facial tics that break down the socially constructed divide between the marginal and the classy. Chatterjee has made some of his actors change their vocal tone and pitch to make them more grounded to their roles. Nochu has a few front teeth missing and a tic in one eye. The brothel madam slips her sari pallu out of habit. The dialogue is a scream brought across through every character. The drunk constable (Kanchan Mullick) sits up the minute the brothel madam mentions the word ‘didi.’ Sasanka, the stiff-necked lawyer, keeps trying to find out why he finds the ‘family members’ of his client Singha Roy’s ‘relatives’ so familiar.


The film reaches its peak when Singha Roy asks to see the portrait of the family’s patriarchal ancestor and cannot recognize the portraits of Robert Clive and William Shakespeare much less make out the difference! The lovers are given short shrift. When the script finally brings them in focus, the film begins to collapse on its face. Pola’s instant commitment to her in-laws is nauseous. The song sequence in Rajasthan is superfluous as is the second botched up kidnap for ransom to buy off the mansion. The film begins to drag its feet after the wedding made worse by the terrible acting and screen presence of Sampurna as Pola.


The title song is very good and has been picturised well. All the actors get top marks for their incredibly realistic performances. Sasanka’s caller tune synced to amake amaar moto thakte dao is hilarious. The cinematography and editing fit into the scheme of things. The production design is very good. Goraaye Gondogol will definitely hit the jackpot at the box office.



Monday, February 06, 2012

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