Goray Gondogol (2012)-Fantasy With The Subalterns (Bengali Film Review)

Godaye Gondogol - Bengali Movie PosterFeb 12, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Goray Gondogol is a 2012 Bengali movie directed by Aniket Chatterjii with Dipankar Dey, Locket Chaterjii, Shaswato Chaterjii, Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, Biswajit Chakraborty and others in the cast. Read Calcutta Tube’s review by critic Pachu Ray of the film.

Amidst this dire tragic environment with all over infested  black holes, Aniket Chatterjii  with dog tenacity has taken a vow to make his audience laugh ,laugh and laugh. May be this laugh has no logical foundation and it may so happen that as soon as one is out of the show one can relax bearing no burden at all. But behind there is definite aesthetics which may cause turbulence to some of the audiences who somehow or other may lean towards subaltern people  Excepting using two times the word Kalighat along with buzzing a very known song as effect music (jago Durga jago Dashapraharenodharini) and once using “didi`  to puzzle the police constable (Kanchan Mallik) , the story is free from so called politics of any kind .

Once  Aniket started his career as a hard copy journalist .He  then switched over to electronic media. But now Aniket is almost a fulltime film maker of his own kind shooting subsequently Bye Bye Bancock and Goray Gandogol . In his current film, excepting Dipankar Dey, Locket Chaterjii, Shaswato Chaterjii and Kaninika Banerjii he has recruited his staff (Rajatabho Dutta, Rudranil Ghosh, Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, Biswajit Chakraborty, Pradip Chakraborty, Kanchan Mallik, Biswanath Basu, Rajesh Sharma, Shankar Debnath, Manashi Sinha and Rahul Banerjii) from theatre world. I know nothing about Sampurna whom Aniket has introduced and Goray Gandogol is a debut for Sampurna. As usual in this movie also Aniket`s  direction is based on a screen play  and story written by himself only. Now let`s go through the storyline which has practically no so called logical build up. If you watch the movie you may like it as a fantasy aspiring for a society which apparently seems to be utopia.

 Rik in this film is so called  hero  enacted by Rahul (though not playing any significant role in the movie and seems to be a mere tool in the hands of his co-actors) comes across a pickpocket ( played in a most clumsy way  by overconfident Rudranil ) who listening the problem of the former decides to help him. What exactly is the problem? Rik is supposed to get married to Pala(Sampurna) who  has a strict and disciplined father(Dipankar Dey) all along boasting on  traditional family structure with all its traditional belongings and thus eventually is found time and again to utter ’ki uchcho bangsho!`(ie. How high is the family tradition). Rudranil then unleashes his effort to make a traditional family structure into being by bringing his crime partners  to enact  the characters of Jhethu (Rajatabha Dutta playing the role of Gulam Mustafa the Kidnapper), Sejo Kaka ( Kharaj Mukherjii playing the role of a dealer of spurious liquer), Sejo Kakima (Manashi Sinha playing the role of ‘Masi`ie Brothel Owner), Choto Kaku (Shaswato Chaterjii playing the role of cinema ticket blacker), Choto Kakima (Kaninika Banerjii playing the role of a lifter), and ‘Bidhoba’(widow) Pishi (Locket Chaterjii playing the role of a sex worker) .Now to help Rahul they need a traditionally built big house. They fetched one  whose  rent costs lacs of rupees per month, Then after this gang of ‘helping hands` get the money by kidnapping a lawyer (who in turn is found to be the  lawyer of Pala’s father ).And so in a gallant ceremony Rahul and Sampurna get married. But the story takes a new turn (which could have been a U turn) when all on a sudden without any notice impressed Pala`s father disposes of his own house and comes to stay with his daughter and the daughter`s ‘ in laws` (real and fake as well). The solution of this point is unbelievably dramatic. But as a consequence they got diamonds worth 130crores of rupees with which they bought that rented house and all the members of the gang get rid of their old obnoxious profession and start to live respectably.

Whether you call it a comedy or fantasy or a film having inner eye towards ‘the criminals` who by and large are the victim of  social discrimination and may lead to so called normal life if offered with the proper opportunity, Goray Gandogol is a very smart presentation enriched with a ‘gang` of good actors. Rajatabha has done the job brilliant. Koninika, Locket and Manashi are excellent. Kharaj, Kanchan and Shaswata are superb. Biswanath Basu and Pradip Chakraborty are talented actor. Pradip is a brilliant theatre actor mostly goes with ‘Chetana`. Both of them have shown their talent in their own way. And to talk about Dipankar Dey no word is enough. Combination of Dipankar and Biswanath is marvelous. Rajesh in his short spell has shown his class. Rahul is a powerful actor. But here he has been offered with a very  small room to roam about. He got limited chance to exhibit himself. About Rudranil and Sampurna we have talked earlier.

The smartness of a film, as we all know, resides mostly on its smart editing. Mh. Kalam has done the job with extreme skill and aptitude. As I have hard he has given a voice also. Cinematography by Badal Sarcar is up to the mark. As per music is concerned, this film does not go with the present trend. Here its use is limited. But within this limitation Pratik, Kharaj, Somlata and Ananya have done their job under Shauvik`s direction. And last but not the least- gradually Aniket Chaterjii is emerging as a film director of his own kind. Keep it up Aniket!

– Pachu Ray

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