Gopal Bhand: Legendary Humorist from Bengal

Gopal Bhand: Legendary Humorist from Bengal

Gopal Bhand is a legendary humorist  from bengal. He first appears in early nineteenth-century  literature and is popularly believed to have been a jester at the court of Raja Krishnachandra (1710-1783), of Nadia. Gopal Bhand is an earthier, coarser humorist. There are probebly no children in Bengal unware of “Gopal Bhand” stories. Numerous books have been published telling his great stories. Rabi Ghosh played the charecter “Gopal Bhand” in bengali TV Serial. Later, many other Gopal Bhand stories have been filmed. Here are some animations and one “bengla natok” based on Gopal Bhand Stories. Gopal Bhand is beleived to have been immensely witty and wise, entertaining the raja and imparting wise lessons by telling anecdotal stories appropriate to the issues at point. In some ways similar to Raja Birbal at the court of the Mughal Emperor.

Gopal Bhand

Bengali Animations of Gopal Bhand

  1. Gopal Bhand: Machi Bhalobase Misti Khete
  2. Gopal Bhand: Prithibir Aayoton
  3. Gopal Bhand: Gopaler Chaturi
  4. Gopal Bhand: Nababi Mahabharat
  5. Gopal Bhand: Khottango Puran
  6. Gopal Bhand: Gopaler Tara Gona
  7. Gopal Bhand: Chorer Shasti
  8. Gopal Bhand: Bidhoba Pisi
  9. Gopal Bhand: 100 Taka Puroskar
  10. Gopal Bhand: Chorer Upor Batpari
  11. Gopal Bhand: Gopal O Gobindo

Bengali Natok Based on Gopal Bhand Stories:

  • Gopal Bhand er Velki Baji : Comedy: 37 min

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