Google staff to get servants as perks

Sydney, Nov 2 (Calcutta Tube) Servants to help in household work, including picking up dinners and cleaning up dog poop, will be given as perks to hardworking employees of Google, the internet search engine giant has said.

The service is provided by TaskRabbit, which gives users access to an online job board where they can get ‘runners’ to do ‘almost anything’ at a price set by them, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

‘Recently we piloted a new perk in a few offices, providing access to TaskRabbit, a startup that provides runners to perform tasks for employees,’ Google was quoted as having said in a statement.

Google, particularly its Silicon Valley headquarters, is in a constant battle with other technology firms to attract the best and brightest engineers. Its long list of employee perks – which includes gym memberships, free meals, insurance and snack and games rooms – is designed partly for this purpose.

Some examples of chores listed on the TaskRabbit website are ‘assemble robot toy’, ‘help decorate our office for a celebration’ and ‘pick-up dinners from Dream Dinners in San Jose’. ‘Poop patrol for small dogs’ is one of the odder jobs listed on it.

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