Gol Maal and Action Replayy-Hindi movies have different types of comedy, says Vipul Shah

Mumbai, Sep 18 (Calcutta Tube) Vipul Shah’s ‘Action Replayy’ will take on the third installment of the ‘Gol Maal’ series. This Diwali get ready for two fun films done in two different shades of laughter. But Vipul is pretty much confident there is room for two fun films.

‘Haven’t we always had two big releases every Diwali? Besides, the humour in ‘Gol Maal’ is very different from the humour in my film. There’s already an established convention of humour in ‘Gol Maal’. Ours is a very different take.’

The film has Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan travelling back in time to the 1970s.

‘But,’ cautions Vipul, ‘there is more than just the retro effect in the film. I don’t want audiences to go for the film expecting just a nostalgic experience.’

In a few days Akshay and Aishwarya would be deejays at a night club in the suburbs of Mumbai where they will be playing all their favourite music from the 1970s.

‘I hope the two of them come prepared for the event with the songs,’ says Vipul.

Last week, Vipul made news by gifting Akshay a Rs.8 lakh 1938 vintage watch for the star’s birthday.

Vipul is embarrassed: ‘Gifts are not to be talked about.’

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