Godman linked to sex scandal; ashram ransacked

Bangalore, March 3 (IANS) Within hours of a local news channels telecasting video footage of a self-styled godman Paramhamsa Nityananda allegedly indulging in sexual acts with two unidentified women, an enraged mob ransacked his ashram complex at Bidadi in Karnataka.

Though the 32-year-old godman was not present in the sprawling 29-acre ashram when mobs went on the rampage, smashing his portraits, banners, billboards and the reception office, the district police deployed additional forces to protect the devotees, including about 100 foreigners staying within the complex.

‘We have deployed two platoons of the state reserve police numbering about 100 men to guard the Nityananda Mission and protect the devotees, as the people from the town wanted to lay a siege,’ Ramanagara district police superintendent S.B. Bhisanhalli told IANS.

Bidadi is about 30km from this tech hub.

The sensational video footage showed the godman, who originally hails from neighbouring Tamil Nadu, fondling and kissing the women and in a compromising position with them in turns.

While the video clipping shows that the man in action is Nithyananda, the women’s face is blurred.

The Nithayananda Mission is part of a worldwide movement for meditation and peace. It claims to have about 1,000 branches across 33 countries and about two million followers the world over.

‘The goal of Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s advent on planet earth is to spread the inner science of enlightenment by delivering physical health, mental wellness and spiritual awakening to all beings irrespective of their race, gender or nationality,’ a mission spokesman told reporters when accosted to know the whereabouts of the godman and about the expose.

‘The video footage shown by news channels was not shot here. It must have been taken in Tamil Nadu or elsewhere. Our priority is to first maintain law and order and prevent the situation going out of control,’ Bhisanhalli said.

Denying knowledge of the godman’s sexual acts and his misconduct, the spokesman alleged that the video footage was fabricated and aired to defame their ‘guru’ as the non-believers were jealous of his growing popularity.

‘We feel a deep-rooted conspiracy behind the so-called expose. It is for the authorities to investigate the video footage to ascertain the truth. We know nothing about the incident,’ the spokesman said but declined to be named.

Lamenting that the sleaze had hurt the feelings of the devotees, the spokesman said enemies of the mission hatched a conspiracy to malign and blackmail the pontiff for vested interests.

‘Our guru’s mission is to enlighten the people through yoga and meditation. His character is above suspicion,’ the spokesman asserted.

1 thought on “Godman linked to sex scandal; ashram ransacked

  1. In support of my Beloved Guruji,

    Swamiji has completely changed my life in a way I cannot fully put into words. He came and found me at a time I was at an all time low. I did not know where to go, where to turn, and considered therapy. When I met Swamiji, I realized the answers to life were not outside, but inside. Swamiji since then has taught me so much. He has taught me how to find the truth to life, how to always be happy, and how to make the world a better place. He has wiped away my tears and shown me a love and compassion I never knew existed. Until I felt it with him, these were just words. I am constantly amazed at HOW much he gives and KEEPS on giving. There is never any end in sight. During my LBE and IA program, whenever we had thought of a “good idea” or how to share his love with others, he would share his plans, and on every topic and more, he was 100 steps ahead of us- from the stray animals on campus, to the low income children, to women, to youth, to building schools, etc…He always knows what we need more than we do. He has made me a better person, a happier person, saved my marriage, and so much more I cannot say…he is the answer to everything that is wrong in the world. Everytime we think WHY is this happeneing, how to change an unfixable problem, etc, he is the answer. Swamiji, his teachings, meditation, and yoga. Swamiji gave me,as he does to countless, the courage we need to face life and embrace all it has to offer. He is our walking stick, as he says, and whenever he says anything, he does so with full responsibility. He always says, I know what I am saying, I know it is hard for you to understand, that you will make decisions based on what I am saying, and I take full responsibilty for anything I say. He is always there for us.

    No matter what the outcome of this situation, he is my guru, and I stand by him. After seeing the video myself, there is no doubt in my mind that it is not him. The whole video was so distasteful, it was obvious he was being made to look as bad as possible. Everyone, who has something bad to say, I would tell you to be careful. Criticizing an enlightened master will incur so much bad karma. It is better you just keep quiet, atleast until there is a proper investigation.

    It is so sad, masters happen on Planet Earth just for us, they come only out of love for us, and every time they do, they are tortured, hunted, murdered. PLEASE do not do this again…

    I am with you Swamiji, no matter what…

    As for Sun TV, they should stop constantly showing these videos. It is wrong, and nothing good is coming from it. They should be ashamed.

    Love and Gratitude always,


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