Globalisation never benefited the working classes: CITU chief M.K. Pandhe

Kolkata, Feb 2 (Calcutta Tube) Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) president M.K. Pandhe Monday said globalisation never benefited the working classes and urged all the labourers to come under one umbrella to fight against the growing imperialism and capitalist exploitation.

‘Globalisation has never helped the working classes. It has never solved any problem worldwide. The trend has only helped the capitalists to increase their profit and exploit the labourers,’ Pandhe said at a seminar here organised by the CITU.


He said the working classes globally had not consolidated their unity the way all capitalists have done.


‘We need to mobilise the working classes’ struggle worldwide to counter the growing trend of globalisation through a well-structured political movement,’ Pandhe said, adding that CITU will support those organisations which oppose the capitalists’ exploitation and market-driven economy.


‘We need to have the sense of an international brotherhood to safeguard the interests of our labourers.’


He said the communists in India had also fought against globalisation and that is why a large section of people joined forces with their movement.

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