Ghar Jamai (2008): Prasenjit – Namrata

Ghar Jamai (2008): Prasenjit – Namrata

Director: Anup Sengupta
Casts: Prasenjit, Namrata, Abhishek Chatterjee, Piya Sengupta
Music: Gautam Susmit
Ghar Jamai - Prasenjit
Ghar Jamai - Prasenjit

Short Review:

Well, the best part of Bengali movies is this – You Do Not Have To Watch The Film to write a review!!! You would pretty much know all about the story the the Title. Simple “Ghar Jamai” means should be a family type drama with some sentimental scenes. Prasenjit is the hero, so some break dance and fight scenes. Abhishek is also there, so might be some “Yeh Dosti, Hum Nehi Chorenge”…

Anup Sengupta is the director. Still his name is not so famous. More famous if Gautam Susmit for making numerous loud musical tunes in Bengali Films. It is surprsing that Ghar Jamai released the same day with another Prasenjit movie Khela by Rituporna Ghosh. There is nothing special about the movie. So, if you are not going to watch it, I would not blame too much.

Please review the film in Detail if you have watched it in the theater.

6 thoughts on “Ghar Jamai (2008): Prasenjit – Namrata

  1. myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd !!! is this also calle d a movie ??? a nursery children drama would be better than this .. the song love love game with abhishek and a very very fat girl is enough to make somebody unconscs … i was out of brthe while watching that exceptionally fat girl dance making some really super d grade movements .. realy this movie should not have bn allowed to hit the theatres as i m sure that bangla movie industry must have lost some more viewers after the release of this film .. nd prosenjit da how cn u sign up this kind of projects ? i undrstnd u wan to rch the village people also but i m sure there cn b better movies made for them .. evn my maid servant laughed aloud while watchin this movie .. n ofcrse the song .. realy it requires real qualty to mak amovie lik ths ..

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