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September 30, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Debt is a sad reality. The most amazing part about debt that often we don’t realize how badly messed up is our financial structure. It all begins with one credit card, where you spend money without spending the CASH in old style. It gives you a false feeling of less spending and also gives you false feeling of owning more money that you really do. Then comes another credit card, and then one more. Soon they pile up and you start to fall behind the minimum payments. Now if you have other loans in addition to the credit card loans, then you are in a deeper trouble. But wait, HELP is here. Learn to control and reduce your debt.

The PayOff Live is a debt management program and their online service provides people with the personalized direction needed to become completely debt and mortgage free. The program is designed to reduce debt terms by more than half, allowing users to save thousands of dollars in the process. PayOff Live uses mathematical engines so sophisticated it literally reverses and cancels the effects of compounding interest on your debts. As long as your income is greater than your overall expenses each month, PayOff Live can work for you.

PayOff Live analyzes your personal finances and provides monthly direction to rapidly accelerate the pay off of all your debts, mortgage and save you thousands of dollars in canceled interest.

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PayOff Live Requires:

  • No extra income
  • No change in lifestyle
  • No refinancing
  • No consolidation
  • No bi-weekly payments
  • No line of credit
  • No debt settlement

Pay Off Live helps you to accomplish:

  • Pay off your mortgage, credit cards, car loans, student loans and more in less than half the time.
  • Cancel the effects of compounding interest and potentially save thousands of dollars on your debt repayment.
  • Never deplete or exhaust your checking and savings accounts. Watch them grow while paying off debt.

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