Germany is ready to pursue further economic sanctions on Iran

Germany is ready to pursue further economic sanctions on Iran, after the government in Tehran has repeatedly refused to negotiate on its nuclear programme, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Berlin Monday.

“We have made it clear that if the reaction of Iran does not change, we will cooperate in the preparation of wide-ranging sanctions … preferably within the framework of a UN Security

Council resolution,” she said.

Merkel was speaking at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called for immediate “crippling sanctions” on Tehran.

“A regime that oppresses its people … cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons,” he said.

Merkel said that in coming weeks her government would consult with other nations prepared to push for sanctions against Tehran.

“We have repeatedly made the offer to Iran for a transparent cooperation. Unfortunately they have not taken it,” she said.

A joint cabinet meeting of the Israeli and German governments was taking place in Berlin Monday.

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