Geri Halliwel criticised for ‘X Factor’

London, June 12 (IANS) Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell faced a lot of criticism for her debut as a guest judge on reality show ‘The X Factor’.

The singer’s appearance at the Glasgow auditions was unsuccessful, with fans demanding the return of judge Dannii Minogue, who is missing the auditions as she is pregnant.

Halliwel was said to be ‘awful’ and her comments ‘not making sense’ by fans who angrily took to internet forums to vent their feelings about the 37-year-old, reports

The singer is reported to have angered fans soon after she began in her role as guest judge, by going against the crowd and refusing to put through a singer called Katie when she had the casting vote.

‘Geri had the chance to please the crowd and many were shouting Katie’s name. But Geri ignored them and turned Katie down causing the crowd to go crazy. Eventually they invited Katie back to try again, but Geri never recovered from that,’ a source was quoted as saying.

However, a spokesperson for ‘The X Factor’ said: ‘There were reactions from the crowd. There were reactions to all the judges as much as there was to Geri.’

Halliwel is the first in a string of guest judges invited in to fill Minogue’s shoes on the show.

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