Gehna’s baby ends in hospital!


Sphere Origins renowned serial ‘Balika Vadhu’ is all set to highlight the fact that a mother’s presence is of prime importance to an infant. In recent episodes the show has seen how Gehna (Neha Marda) who owed a favor to Maasa (Surekha Sikri) has born an heir to the family. After giving birth to a baby boy as promised to Maasa she hands over the baby to her and leaves the house.

Each family member tries to stop her, but Gehna is firm on her decision. According to her it’s a disgraceful act on part of the society where females are considered as mere possessions and sold to fulfill varied intentions. It’s her fight to get back women dignity in her family and society.

But tragedy strikes when Gehna’s newly born infant suffers from a severe stomach infection due to lack of mother’s milk and care. The baby is hospitalized and is in a bad condition.

Will Gehna leave her self-esteem for the sake of motherhood? Will the baby’s affection make her return home without bothering about Maasa’s ire?

Watch ‘Balika Vadhu’ to know more about the dilemma of this strong willed woman who is also a mother.

-Sampurn Media

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