Gazal nahin aasaan


Sensational and young Ghazal Nawaaz Jaswinder Singh is back with his new album Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan. He is Born to the famous music director Kuldip Singh of Saath Saath (Tum ko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya…) and Ankush fame ( ltni shakti hamen dena daata).

1. Tell us about your new album?

‘Ishq nahin Aasaan’ is my third album. It comprises of seven Gazals and one Nazm. All the Gazals are written by the veteran Shayars – Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Jigar Muradabaadi, and the nazm is by Nazeer Akbarabadi.  Music is composed by my father and guru Kuldeep Singh. Mood of the songs is light and romantic. Album has the classy poetries with strong content. It is simple Gazal album executed with modern touch. We hope new generation will like it.

2. What it takes to be a Gazal singer?

To be a Gazal singer one should at least be rigorously trained classically for eight – nine years. One should have the knack of sher-o-shayeri, correct diction, knowledge of Urdu language and should be versed with Gazals. To attain all this it takes around 10 to 12 years and our generation has no patience. They memorise few songs, enter reality shows and become star. Gazal is indeed a tough genre.

3. Are you as romantic as your Gazals?

Gazal singer has to be romantic because he sings the romantic genre. The title of my album suggests no matter what you are in love with, be it your work, god or your girlfriend, you have to struggle to attain that love.

4. How is your equation with Javed Akhtar and Kaifi Azmi?

They are like my family. I got to know Kaifi Azmi through one show, he is very encouraging. Javedji keeps guiding me all the time.

5. Do you think Gazal will ever attain the popularity that of 80s?

I am sure gazal ka daur phir aayega. I don’t agree that people do not like Gazal.  In fact it has to be re-positioned with the support of media.

6. As Gazal singer of the Hip hop generation what do you do personally to keep the genre alive? 

I have done many Gazal shows in India as well as abroad and trust me I have received very good respond from people of all generations. And again through this album I am trying to reach out to them.

Deepa Mishra / Sampurn Media

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