Gautam Ghosh’s Bengali movie ‘Moner Manush’ to be aired on Rupashi Bangla on June 26

Gautam GhoshKolkata, June 14 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Ace Bengali filmmaker Gautam Ghosh demystified the cryptic spiritual ideology of Lalan Fakir and explained his connection to the youth while promoting the World Television Premiere of his National Award winning film Moner Manush that captures the life of Bengal’s 19th century philosopher-poet and folk singer.

Moner Manush, has been adjudged the Best Film on National Integration at the 58th National Awards, and will be aired on June 26 on Rupashi Bangla channel.

Gautam Ghosh, who himself is an atheist, spoke on Monday at length about the guileless ideologies of the “baul sadhak” who according to him had traversed a path towards the attainment of divinity through a lifelong soul searching spree.

Lalan Fakir’s songs, which were an integral part of his teachings, according to Ghosh, borrowed from Hinduism, Sufism and even Buddhism.
In this regard he remarked,”Through his songs the spirit of a larger Bengal can be found. It’s like one large canvas showing all of Bengal.”

In connection to the remarkable appreciation the movie received from the youth population, he said,” The young generation want peace and so they can relate with the character of Lalan Fakir who preached the message of non-violence.”

Ghosh also praised the  performance of Bengali mainstream cinema superstar Prosenjit as Lalan Fakir.

Ghosh said Prosenjit had worked extremely hard and had shunned his luxurious lifestyle in favour of an austere one for five months in order to masterfully shoulder the responsibility of playing the most important role.

He, however, also voiced his concern over the prevalent degradation of the quality of films being produced in India.

He expressed his discontent bluntly by saying, “Recently in India there hasn’t been many good films. These days film appreciation is missing and film theories are not being discussed.”

He felt that such a lackadaisical approach towards film making is preventing the true celluloid brilliance of Bengal from being tapped into.

For this purpose he wants to create a film makers’ club and the state government has assured of its support to the venture, he said.

On being probed he also talked about a possible additional approach he might employ while creating the much talked of documentary about the present Chief Minister of West Bengal – Mamata Banerjee.

He said that he wanted to shed some light on the “babu culture” that Mamata Banerjee had put an end to by ushering a new brand of politics which allows common men to interact directly with leaders in positions of power.

In addition to that, Ghosh remaining true to his candid mannerism expressed his displeasure directly at his contemporary Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s recent remarks in a Bengali daily on National Awards and lobbying.

He said,” He has given statements like a fool.”

“It’s sure to be the premiere of the year,” Ghosh claimed.

(Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty, photo by Subhajit Das)

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