Gail Gibbons-The Day of a Country Veterinarian-Book Review

Sept 5, 2010: The Day of a Country Veterinarian by Gail Gibbons

Macmillan Publishing Company New York

Maxwell Macmillan Canada Toronto

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The Day of a Country Veterinarian is a book by Gail Gibbons that gives an overlook of a country veterinary doctor’s life. Buy books by Gail Gibbons online.

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The book is about a typical busy day of a country veterinarian who looks after all the animals at his office and then makes a trip to different farms, homes to check on other animals. The ‘animal doctor’ has assistants who help him take care of his patients. They go on regular visits to take care of pigs, dogs, lamb and so many cool animals. But if an emergency comes, they have to attend that before anything. They also to go the lab to drop blood samples, writes in his books about his patients, checks on the animals that undergoes surgeries. He is a very busy man, and works hard to keep our pets and farm animals healthy and safe.

A good book for young readers to know about many common medical terms, instrument names like anemic, tumors, splint, forceps, vaccine, etc.

The illustrations are good and help us visually learn the different terms used in the book.

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