Friendship Day celebration this year

Kolkata, Aug 7 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS):  As the first Sunday of August advances, the entire world gears up to mark the the day dedicated exclusively to the bondage of friendship. This year ‘Friendship Day’ celebration is on Aug 7.

Interestingly, the history of Friendship Day is quite amazing as the pages state that in 1935  the United States Congress had proclaimed the first Sunday of  the month of Aug as the ‘National Friendship Day’.

The occasion of ‘National Friendship Day’ has become quite popular as an annual event since that time.

Moreover, the day of celebrating the universal bondage of friendship slowly crossed the borders of America and became an equally important calendar event in the other corners of the world.

Today the day is celebrated by friends in their own ways just like they follow Valentine’s Day or other such days of importance.

In 1997, the United Nations had named the popular cartoon character ,‘Winnie – the Pooh’, as the world’s ambassador of Friendship.

In India, the day is celebrated with high spirit by friends. They exchange cards, chocolates and most importantly, colourful friendship bands on this day to show their love and care for each other.

Television actor Jayshree Venkataraman who plays the character of ‘Sarika’ in Imagine TV serial ‘Beendh Banooga Ghodi Chaduga’ said: “Friendship is a very important part of my life. I still remember exchanging colorful friendship bands in school and celebrating friendship day with all my close friends.”

“This year also I will tie friendship bands to my room mates and plan to spend the entire day having loads of fun with them. I also wish all my fans a very happy friendship day with a message to preserve and respect your friends irrespective of how big or successful you may be in life!!” she said.

Actor  Harshad Chopra said: “Friendship day is just one special day out of all the days that you dedicate to your friends. I don’t specially go out and meet my friends or catch up with them on friendship day, in fact sometimes we don’t even connect for weeks and months together, but when we talk we are on the same pitch. The whole meaning of friendship is to celebrate the bond every single day and remember the person even if you are not in touch constantly for what he or she is. Friendship day to me is to thank your friend for being so special.”

Sharing ‘Friendship Day’ plans, actor Aasiya Kazi who plays the character of ‘Kastur’ in the serial ‘Dharampatni’ said: “Friendship day is a very special day, I celebrate this day with all my friends, we usually go out for lunch, movies etc and enjoy the day in each others company. Even if I am shooting I make it a point to call my friends and thank them for everything they have done for me.”

“I wish everybody a Happy Friendship day,” she said,  while wishing her fans.

Speaking on the debate that whether it is necessary to celebrate a separate say like Friendship Day, youths in Kolkata reacted to this debate in multiple ways.

“I believe that a day like friendship day is needed. I feel that people like me who cannot meet our friends for months can find an excuse to have huge get together and relive the old days,” said Tanmoy Ghosh, a young IT professional.

“Friendship day is really special to me. No matter what happens I meet with my old friends on this day and we specially go to watch a film on this date. This togetherness matters to me the most,” Shilpi Sen, who studies in a college in Kolkata, said.

But Saptarshi Mukherjee, who just completed his college, feels that there is no need for a special day like ‘Friendship day’. He believes that for good friends celebrate and keep in touch for the entire year a separate day will not make it different.

“It is not necessary. I connect with my friends every day and in this age f social networking I can even connect with my old friends. So I think it is not necessary at all,” he said.

“I do not feel it is a huge occasion. Tomorrow we will celebrate friend ship day and in the following days we will not connect with each other that is not going to help in maintaining the balance of the relationship. Friendship is lifetime. I do not follow these days like mothers day or father day. To me every day matters,” one Tulika Das said.

From special Friendship Day coffee cups to trendy designed friendship bands, the market is already full of goodies meant for this occasion.

Colourful bands are available in Kolkata markets for Rs. 2 onwards.

– Supriyo Hazra

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