French fuel shortages expected to worsen as strike continues

Paris, Oct 25 (DPA) Fuel shortages at petrol stations in France due to an ongoing nationwide strike over President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension reform plan were expected to worsen Monday.

Workers at French refineries have been on strike since Oct 12.

On Sunday, low levels of petrol and diesel were delivered, trade unions said. According to the government, one in four petrol stations were without fuel over the weekend, while refineries and fuel depots countrywide were being affected by the strike.

Petrol stations along highways, to which supplies were delivered at the start of the autumn break, were marginally affected.

Trade unions want the strike to continue unabated this week. The Senate Friday approved the controversial pensions bill, which raises the retirement age from 60 to 62. Lawmakers are expected to adopt the bill by mid-week.

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