Freida proud to break Hollywood stereotypes

London, Nov 23 (Calcutta Tube) ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actress Freida Pinto is proud of the way she managed to break Hollywood stereotypes.

‘I strongly believe that I am actually breaking down cultural barriers. I find it very interesting these days that films are bringing in so many people of different ethnicities and I’m proud to be a part of that cultural shift,’ quoted her as saying.

‘I feel really happy that I have broken that stereotype that ‘it is not possible’. Because I personally think that anything is possible. I feel the timing is right as well. The world is getting much smaller and that’s the best way to embrace it.’

Freida says she is glad to offer a new dimension to movies.

‘Those other actresses have their own appeal and they bring whatever they bring to a film while I bring something that I do not particularly feel has been explored much in Hollywood.’

‘Ethnicity aside, we’re all humans. That’s what I believe,’ she said.

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