Freida Pinto promotes ‘Miral’ on birthday

London, Oct 19 (IANS) ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star Freida Pinto spent her birthday happily promoting her new movie ‘Miral’ in London and flew her family from India to join her on the special day.

The actress invited her parents to come along for the screening of her new film, months before it hits Indian theatres.

Freida, who turned 26 Monday, admits that making her parents proud was the ‘best birthday gift’ she could ask for.

‘The special thing was that I had this amazing film to promote Monday. I’m so glad it was something that I enjoyed doing and not something that I was forced to do. I spent the entire day doing that. I flew my family down to London so they could share this experience with me. It was really the most low-key but amazing birthday,’ contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

‘They’ve done things for me their entire lives. I was just saying to my mother and dad that this is the best birthday gift because it is because of you that I’m here, it’s because of you that I’m doing this film. And this film explores this beautiful father-daughter relationship,’ she said.

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