Free online service for two hours in Shanghai by China Telecom

Shanghai, Sep 15 (Calcutta Tube) People in Shanghai, the business capital of China, now can go online for free at airports, cafes and shopping malls for up to two hours every day.

China Telecom, the country’s top fixed-line phone operator, said Monday it is providing users of China Mobile or China Unicom free outdoor Wi-Fi services for two hours each day, starting this month, Shanghai Daily reported Tuesday.

Besides the national policy, Shanghai users can apply for an additional free Wi-Fi account for two hours every day until the end of this year, but there are a limited number of accounts, the company said.

‘The necessary condition for the service is that you have a mobile phone and the whole process takes less than a minute,’ the company said.

It is the first time that a company is providing Wi-Fi services for subscribers of other carriers, which, industry insiders say, will push the development of Wi-Fi networks and services in China.

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