France duo perform at Kolkata gallery, promotes classical music, fine art

Kolkata, Jan 13 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS)  Vocal and percussion duo Marylene Ingremeau and  Khalid Kouhen performed on Friday evening at the Akar Prakar art gallery in south Kolkata, promoting classical music along with fine arts.

Their performance is part of the “second Baithak” being held in form of musical concert.

Marylene Ingremeau of France has fed her lifelong passion of using voice as it is used in various ways around the world.

Profoundly touched by the music of India, Marylene is also inspired by classical tradition as well as tradional Baul rhythms which nourish her improvisation.

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Marylene Ingremeau in Kolkata

(Images and reporting by Akash Goswami/IBNS)

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