Fox Star to release big screen version of TV series Khichdi-The Movie

Mumbai, Aug 21 (Calcutta Tube) Fox Star Studios is all set to release ‘Khichdi – The Movie’, a big screen adaptation of the popular television series ‘Khichdi’ Oct 1. It is perhaps the first time in India that a TV show has been turned into a movie.

Produced by Hats Off Productions, written and directed by Aatish Kapadia, ‘Khichdi – The Movie’ is an all out fun and crazy ride and is best described as ‘Comedy Family ki Family Comedy’.

Bringing Hollywood practices to India where popular and successful television shows like ‘Mr. Bean’, ‘Batman’, ‘Simpsons’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Sex and the City’ get made into films regularly, the studio could be a starting a new trend in the country.

‘We are very excited about the research feedback from the audiences that have seen ‘Khichdi – The Movie’. Audiences loved the ‘saaf suthri comedy’ and found it to be funnier than most recent comedy films. Audiences are looking for new experiences and lets face it, there are very few good clean comedy films that audiences can go and watch with the entire family ….that’s the promise of ‘Khichdi – The Movie’,’ Vijay Singh, CEO Fox Star Studios India, said in a statement.

Producer of the film Jamnadas Majethia of Hats Off Productions said: ‘The TV serial changed the grammar of comedy when it came on television and viewers got addicted to the humour. ‘Khichdi – The Movie‘ will create the same magic on the big screen and hopefully redefine comedy in Indian cinema.’

‘Khichdi‘ was first aired on Star Plus in 2002. The series produced by Hats Off Productions broke all records achieving the highest TVR for a comedy sitcom on television. In its first run, the show reached out to 8.6 million viewers tickling households across the country and stole the show at awards functions in India by winning the maximum number of awards for a comedy.

In a recent research conducted in July 2010 – the characters of Hansa, Praful, Babuji, Himanshu and Jayshree have rated very high on recall and likeability amongst audiences. The film retains the humour and the eccentricities of the much loved characters that have made close to 50 million people laugh over the last seven years whilst taking an updated view of today’s times.

‘Majethia came to us with his vision of taking the humour of the television characters to the big screen. Hats Off Production has an amazing track record and understands the comedy genre and were best placed to deliver a great comedy film for the entire family,’ said Singh

In the film, Parekh family attempts to fulfil a task that takes them through a hilarious situations.

”Khichdi’ is and shall always remain closest to my heart as it is the first show produced by Hats Off Productions and thanks to JD’s insistence, I directed my own idea for the first time and ‘Khichdi’ achieved cult status as it created a new genre of humour. ‘Khichdi – The Movie’ will now take the madness at least 10 notches ahead. Watch out for this fun and craziness coming soon to a cinema hall near you,’ said writer-director Kapadia.

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