Forever young – with instant anti-ageing creams!

Mumbai, July 10 (Calcutta Tube) How would you like to look young once again, especially before that college reunion? Slap on some instant anti-ageing cream and watch the difference – of course, not without consulting the experts.

These products have become a rage with celebrities and commoners alike as they produce ‘just-before-the-party’ results like instant skin lifting, tightening and firming for visible reduction of lines and wrinkles sans any stiffening.

Also known as third generation products, they also help in instant lip enhancement or augmentation for fuller and luscious lips. In India, the best known range is available under the American brand Clinicians Complex.

‘These creams have become very popular and people are willing to spend on these products because they give instant result,’ Sanjay Parasar, a leading plastic, aesthetic and craniofacial surgeon and laser specialist, told IANS.

‘For instance, there is an instant tightening serum, which is ideal before special occasions and it immediately diminishes wrinkles and lines and people can look younger. It saves them from cosmetic procedures because they can get similar results from cosmetics.’

While the skin looks better with every use, the effects do not always last long.

‘The effect of different Clinicians products is different. It depends on the product and usage. Some remain in place for a day, others for a week. However, regular usage of these products sometimes extends their effect to months,’ revealed Saloni Chandramore, cosmetologist and director of Dr. Saloni’s Wellness Clinic in Mumbai.

While all third generation products are sought after, the most popular are those for lip enhancement and skin rejuvenation.

‘Microderma brasion cream is most popular as it is an at-home alternative to many peels and microderma procedures in clinics. It immediately rejuvenates, diminishes pigments and helps the skin glow,’ informed Parasar.

Said Chandramore: ‘Clinicians lip enhancers are most in demand. The two other most popular products are microderma brasion and instant tightening serum.’

While the creams are targeted at anyone between 18 and 70 years of age, they cost anywhere between Rs.1,500 to Rs.4,000 and are available at major skin and dermal centres in the country.

‘Since the product is available only at clinics, it goes to the customers as per an expert’s prescription only,’ Sheetal Badami, a Pune-based beauty and obesity consultant, told IANS.

Parasar, also director of Dubai-based cosmetic surgery chain Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation, said: ‘The products are sold only through clinics as we have products according to skin type for best results.

‘We have a range for oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. Also, one can discuss their requirements with a skin specialist so that the right product is suggested to them.’

Thanks to the instant results of the products, the showbiz industry, where celebrities usually opt for remedies like botox and cosmetic surgeries for a youthful look, is getting hooked to these.

‘Bollywood and other celebrities do come to me for such treatments frequently. This helps them get the desired beauty enhancement as and when required, that too without any complex procedure,’ revealed Chandramore.

Badami said: ‘For celebrities, every look and expression counts and with their busy schedules they don’t have time for long procedures and third generation products are a good solution for them.’

However, for confidentiality reasons, the experts refrained from revealing any names.

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