For many, bikini wax makes bridal makeover complete

New Delhi, Oct 29 (Calcutta Tube) Bridal makeovers are no longer limited to the face and hairdo. Getting a bikini wax has become a ritual for Indian women who are getting married, say beauticians. Experts, however, warn it may not be a good idea for teenagers.

‘Would-be brides used to concentrate on beautifying their face but now a lot of emphasis is laid on getting rid of unwanted hair from the body. Our bridal packages now include a bikini wax option and 90 percent of customers avail the option,’ Suneeta, an attendant at south Delhi-based Prince and Princess, told IANS.

Different people have different reasons for opting for it.

‘Many girls get it done for themselves, to feel good and clean. But many opt for it because they are under pressure from their partners.

‘Surprisingly, there are girls who come out of the shell to experiment. Initially, they are hesitant and shy, but get it done to surprise their partners,’ added Suneeta.

Another beautician, Geeta, who works at Meghna parlour, says even teenaged girls are trying it out.

‘Young girls starting from 13 years onwards are enthusiastic about bikini wax sessions,’ Geeta told IANS.

‘Not many girls have been open to it because it is a very personal affair. Our Indian tradition and culture has not seen this in the past, but now with Westernisation taking over young minds, the trend of using bikini wax is growing,’ Geeta said.

A Delhi-based gynaecologist said: ‘The onset of puberty makes girls more conscious of their body and that is why they start worrying about unwanted hair. They sometimes get involved without knowing the consequences,’ a gynaecologist told IANS on condition of anonymity.

‘When they see models and actresses wearing skimpy clothes, they want to try it themselves and flaunt the same attitude, which they think would be possible only if they get rid of unwanted hair.’

The gynaecologist says the use of hair removal creams in private parts could lead to skin problems.

‘Use of hair removal creams is not advisable. It may seem convenient to carry out the procedure at home, but it could lead to skin problems. Skin darkening, redness, irritation are some of the most common problems a girl could face.

The procedure costs anywhere between Rs.300 and Rs.500.

Waxing is painful, so what measures are taken to minimise the pain?

‘Many people use hair removal creams and razors. To minimize the pain during the waxing procedure, we try different types of wax. Beehive wax and chocolate wax are popular as they reduce the pain in comparison to the regular wax,’ said Suneeta.

But isn’t the procedure overpriced?

‘This kind of waxing is done in some of the most sensitive areas of the body and special attention must be paid to avoid irritation – that is why the procedure is overpriced,’ said Geeta.

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