For Abhishek, Bipasha is his ‘sautan’

New Delhi, July 4 (Calcutta Tube) Abhishek Bachchan, who pretended to play John Abraham’s lover in the hit comedy ‘Dostana’, not only calls Bipasha Basu his ‘sautan’, but also had a debate with the actress over the same topic on Twitter.

Bipasha joined the microblogging site Sunday and Abhishek welcomed her saying ‘@bipsluvurself please welcome my ‘sautan’ bipasha…. fyi John still likes me more! Haha.’

To which Bipasha replied, ‘Thank you for a warm welcome my dear sautan, and the cutest and the naughtiest co-star of mine.’

She took a pot shot at Abhishek adding, ‘John likes me the most and you are his only male lover. Ha ha ha!.’

Both critics and audiences enjoyed Abhishek and John’s on screen chemistry in ‘Dostana’. The comedy brought the homosexuality out of the closet was a big hit at the box office.

Abhishek and Bipasha go a long way. ‘To clarify, my 1st ever screen test was with Bipasha, but that film never got made. She’s been a friend since.’

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