Folk Songs In Bollywood Films Forever

Folk Songs In Bollywood Films Forever

Folk Songs In Bollywood Films always had and still have magical effects.

The charm of folk songs in Bollywood seems to be everlasting. How can anyone forget the famous tunes of ‘Naine lad jayiye hai’, ‘Bichua’, ‘Chalat musafir’ who have a special place in the hearts of many. Bollywood composers have become innovative with each passing era. However, the tinge of folk lyrics and music is something one cannot escape. Latest is the song from the forthcoming release Love Aaj Kal titled Aahun Aahun, which has created a lot of buzz. Gaddi Te Has Bol Ve Na Jind Saddi Ron Ve originally sung by Shaukat Ali Sahib, the folk singer of Pakistan and then by Punjabi folk singer Madan Maddi. Let’s peep into the recent past and list down some outstanding numbers with a tinge of folk lyrics in it.

Morni Bagha Ma Bole Aadi- The song depicts the Indian beauty in the most naturalist way. Still the word beautiful surpasses the locales, on which the song has been shot. Morni Bagha Ma Bole still makes many romantic hearts flutter, with the lovely Sri Devi dancing away to glory before Anil Kapoor who is immensely in love with her. However, the track got more recognition for the folk song Maare Hiwda Me Laagi Ge Kataar Re which gave it a new dimension altogether and to singer Ila Arun’s career as well.

Aisa Desh Hai Mera- Veera-Zara discovers that there is so much in common when it comes to the beauty of their respective desh (countries). However, the folk touch by Gurdas Mann with the famous lyrics ‘Sai Mere Ya Jugni Kehdiye Ye’ brought life to the song. And Punjabi kudiyan (girls) singing ‘Sadke Sadke Ja Rahi Muthayarein Ni’ thrills every Indians’ heart with happiness.

Bhumro Bhumro- Bhumro Bhumro showcased the Punjabi girl Preity Zinta drapped in typical Kashimiri dress (feren) lip-synching and dancing to the tunes of the folk number. Although, the entire song was sung in Hindi but ‘Bhumro Bhumro Shayam Rang Bhumro’- a liner from the famous Kashimiri folk song became the unique selling point for the song.

Udjaa Kale Kawa Tere Muh Wich Khand Pawa- Gadar based on devastating consequences of Indo-Pak war has some light moments. Sunny Paji and Amisha Patel dancing to the tunes ofUdjaa Kale Kawa Tere Muh Wich Khand Pawa the famous folk song topped the charts.

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