Flying a kite to know mantras of success (IANS Book Review)

Book: ‘Go Fly High’; Author: Sandesh Mestry, Chandrashekhar Bhat and Om Dhumatkar; Publisher: MBMC Consulting Ltd; Price: Rs.499.

A piece of light fiction, this book relates the experiences of perhaps every small entrepreneur — fire-fighting, managing delayed orders, resource crunch and simply never having time for the family. It tells the journey of one such businessman who discovers the mantras of success by simply flying a kite.

In an easy-going and chatty style, the authors tell the story of an entrepreneur who begins his business with the vision of success and freedom, and then gets bogged down with firefighting in the work-a-day world.

Known for their cutting edge lectures in the fields of commerce, business and money management techniques, Mumbai-based Sandesh Mestry, Chandrashekhar Bhat and London-based Om Dhumatkar have penned ‘Go Fly High’.

Through the fictional account about the travails and triumphs of the protagonist – business geek Rajan – the book explains how rustic roots and an allied pastime like flying kites can rejuvenate a worldly wise, albeit tired mind and fatigued physique.

‘It etches the angst, agony of today’s all-work-and-no-play daily grind and climaxes with a touchingly happy ending,’ Mestry said.

To the world, Rajan is an enterprising, driven and successful entrepreneur whose business is worth crores. He is an alumnus from a prestigious engineering college and a well-recognised business leader within his industry.

But Rajan is stuck in his business. He has not found the ‘freedom’ which he sought when starting it. And having grown his business this far, he realises he cannot make an exit either.

In this scenario, Rajan goes back to his childhood village, Chargaon, in search of some rest. He stays in the company of his visionary friend Manu, who instructs him on how to fly a kite and find the elusive freedom that he so desperately seeks in his business.

The authors have subtly managed to convey that mantras of success can come from a completely rural milieu, something as simple as flying a kite!

The character of the multi-tasking mate and guru, Manu, strings together solutions to complex management problems by subtly using village practices with a humane but professional touch.

The book draws on the long-term consulting insights of its authors, whose work has taken them across a spectrum of industries – from heavy manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, FMCG to finance, travel to personal fitness.

The book can be ordered via e-mail from kite@mbmc.co.in. It can also be bought online from www.a1books.co.in at a 10 percent discount.

(30.07.2010 – Mauli Buch can be contacted at mauli.b@ians.in)

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