Fix timeframe for action on illegal structures, MCD told

New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) The Central Information Commission (CIC) has said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) should fix a timeframe within which action has to be taken against unauthorised constructions.

The decision came on an application filed by one Birinder Singh who had sought some information from the MCD regarding demolition of an unauthorised construction. But when the MCD’s reply did not satisfy him, he approached the CIC.

During a hearing held Feb 10, the MCD told the commission that ‘an unauthorised construction has to be booked within 20 days’ but ‘there is no time limit for taking action in terms of sealing or demolition after this in the norms’.

‘The Commission feels that this is a weakness in the working of the MCD. Section 4 (1) (b) (iv) of the RTI (Right to information) Act requires that norms set by a public authority for discharge of its functions must be disclosed,’ information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi noted in his order.

‘If norms of the time period for taking action after booking of unauthorised construction are not laid down, it would only lead to defiance of the rule of law and arbitrariness and corruption,’ he observed.

‘The Commission recommends that MCD should consider fixing some norms for the time within which action would be taken in case of unauthorised construction,’ Gandhi noted in his order dated Feb 10.

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