Firaaq (2008)

Firaaq (2008)
Actors Naseeruddin Shah, Raghubir Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Deepti Naval, Sanjay Suri, Tisca Chopra, Shahana Goswami, Nowaz, Mohd. Samad
Director Nandita Das
Music Rajat Dholakia, Piyush Kanojia
Editor Sreekar Prasad
Art Director Gautam Sen
Written by Nandita Das & Shuchi Kothari

Firaaq is an Urdu word that means both separation and quest. Separations in the minds and hearts go beyond the physical. And the quest for peace and understanding is our only hope.

Actress Nandita Das is making a film “Firaaq” as an director that cast Naseeruddin Shah, Raghubir Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Dipti Naval, Sanjay Suri and more. The movie is written by Nandita Das and Shichi Kothari. The film will have a Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month and will be releasing in India by the end of the year. Nandita Das is knownKnown for her powerful performances in ‘Fire’, ‘Bawander’, ‘1947 Earth’ and ‘Maati Maay’. The first debut film as a directer by Nandita Das is produced by  Picture Perfect.

Firaaq is a film covering happenings around a 34 -hour period, a month later to a horrible communal carnage. A middle class family wife closes her doors on a victum and then struggles to overcome her guilt. The films deals with loyalties of real friends during the time of need. A gang of young group wants to take revenge who sufferred during a riot. An unfortunate Hindu-Mulsim couple hides their identity. A young boy searches for his lost father. A musicial tries to stick to his idealities.
There are discrete but connected incedents that you will see in this movie exploring impact of violence and human relationship. The film is partially in Hindi, Urdu and English language.

Watch the trailor:

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