Filmmaker Sandip Ray inaugurates photography exhibition at Gallery Gold in Kolkata

Kolkata, Mar 30 (IBNS) Filmmaker Sandip Ray on Friday inaugurated a photography exhibition at Gallery Gold in Kolkata.

The gala of multifarious shades and colours constituting the collection called “Changing Lanes” had nearly 50 photos on display, with one half belonging to Lopamudra Talukdar and the other to Indrajit Dutta.

“Even though I am personally attracted towards black and white pictures I felt that even the colour photos on display here are absolutely brilliant,” Ray remarked while browsing through the collection of photos.

“I really liked all of them and I don’t think there are any corrections to make. In fact there are some really curious expressions on some of the faces that carries a lot of impact,” he said.

Indrajit Dutta who specializes in snapshots of “people and their faces” loves to make an attempt at capturing “their emotions through my (Indrajit’s) photos.”

“We have many international and national awards that helped us to understand and judge our performance but we wanted to have an exhibition to see the reaction of people when they see our photos,” Dutta said, who had earlier conveyed “feeling awesome” at the positive response they were receiving.

Lopamudra Talukdar, previously a homemaker, stepped into the world of frozen moments with an evolved inspiration she had initially felt as a painter.

“I was a housewife before and I have begun taking pictures about two years before and I didn’t have any formal training. So I had never thought that I would be having an exhibition someday,” said Talukdar, whose photographs have been exhibited an appreciated in 28 countries across the globe.

“People become stiff if they realise that they are being photographed and so I always took photographs from a distance,” she explained.

From dry arid lands reflecting the barrenness of the striving people within, to the lush verdant meadows baked in dying sunlight or masked by grim clouds, the landscape covered with intelligent clicks captured them and the people they housed.

The crescendo however arrives only when the focusing freezes moments of anger, suspicion, joy, hope and much much more on faces separated by age, beauty and colour and myriad of such simplistic but curious expression forms the mainstay of the collection.

(Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty)

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