Filmmaker Raja Sen to attend LABORATORY Bengali Film premiere in America

Arpita Pal@ Laboratory Bengali Film
Arpita Pal@ Laboratory Bengali Film

September 1, 2010, Washington (Calcutta Tube): National Award winning filmmaker Raja Sen will be attending premiere of Bengali Film Laboratory in USA. The first World Premiere of LABORATURY will be held on 19th September, 2010 at the Big Cinemas 7 in Prabasi Bay Area. Raja Sen will also visit the screening of Laboratory at the Tagore Society Houston on 25th of September and at the Sanskriti in Washington DC on 26th of September, 2010.

Raja Sen has given us a series of unforgettable Bengali films such as DAMU (1997), Atmiyo Swajan (1998) and others. LABORATORY is based on a story originally written by Rabindranath Tagore. Raja Sen has chosen Arpita Chatterjee, Raveena Tandon, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Ranjit Mullick and others. Raveena Tandon makes her Bengali debut as Sohini in Laboratory.

LABORATORY will be the FIRST Bengali film to have world première in the USA. Laboratory will release both in Kolkata and overseas the same day.

Databazaar Media Ventures has acquired the US distribution right of LABORATORY. The movie will also be released at that features first day first show of hundreds of new movie in high quality streaming online. Databazaar has previously released latest quality Bengali Films such as “Ekti Tarar Khonje”, “The Japanese Wife”, and “Life is Magic”and“Angshumaner Chhobi in the USA. Subscribe to Databazaar Emails to updates on every new releases.

Meet Raja Sen at the following venues in the USA. Make plans to be at the spots. Help the true globalization of Bengali film. Spread the news among your friends.

1)  Prabasi Bay Area:     World Premier of Laboratory
Date: September 19th
Time 3 pm
Venue: Big Cinemas 7
39160 Paseo Padre Pkwy,
Fremont. CA

2). Tagore Society Houston: World Premier of Laboratory
Date: September 25th
Time 4 pm
Venue: Funplex Theaters
13700 Beechnut Street
Houston, Texas

3). Sanskriti (Washington DC):
Date: September 26th
Time 7 pm
Venue: Quince Orchard High School
15800 Quince Orchard Road

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Synopsis of Laboratory:

Scientist Nanda Kishore, in his middle age created two important milestones. He built a laboratory with modern and expensive equipment using all his life’s income, and secondly, he married a village belle from Punjab. Though they had a huge age difference he fell in love instantly with Sohini and felt he could really depend on her.

After a few years, while working on an experiment, Nand Kishore passed away. While alive he had made Sohini aware of his laboratory and its importance and had instructed her to choose a proper and responsible person who would continue his research, so that even after his death his work would continue.

Nanda Kishore and Sohini had a daughter, Neela. After the sudden death of her husband Sohini devoted herself to look after their daughter but also kept her search on for the perfect successor of the laboratory.

Sohini at last comes to know of a science professor, Mr. Choudhury, who once had an eligible student Reboti Bhattacharya. Sohini with her charisma entices Professor Choudhury to know more about Reboti. However, after meeting Reboti, Sohini is in a dilemma. She could not decide if she would entrust him with the laboratory’s responsibilities or get him married to her daughter Neela.

Neela attracted many admirers who wanted to marry her and inherit the huge property that was left to her by her father. Neela also hated her mother’s interference in her personal life so she developed an association with rowdies from the upper class of the society. Sohini was hurt by Neela’s attitude; she could have taken a stern hand, but remained aloof. She went to her village to meet her ailing mother instead. Professor Choudhury was also out of town. Taking advantage of the situation, Neela invites Reboti to her friend’s association. Shunning all his responsibilities Reboti gets involved with the rowdy crowd and announces that he would get married to Neela and starts to throw parties with all the research money.

Sohini arrives during one of his parties, and is stunned by Reboti’s behavior. Reboti breaks down and realizes what he has done. Though Sohini feels insulted and maligned she realizes that if this situation had not arisen, she would not have known about Riboti’s spineless character. Sohini also realizes that she would have made a huge mistake if she had entrusted the responsibility of her husband’s Laboratory to Reboti.

Trailer of LABORATORY:

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