Filmmaker Guade Loupe Want to cast Madhuri Dixit

Panaji, December 1, 2010,  (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Good cinema has no language barrier and is understood by visuals itself throughout the world, said the Guade Loupe (in Carribean Islands) based film maker Christian Lara at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) on Tuesday.

Lara, who is also a journalist, said that the sole objective of cinema is to make people learn and understand the world around them in a better way.

His film Heritage Perdu (Lost Heritage) was screened at INOX-I Monday evening here.

Speaking at a press conference, Lara, who is making films in French, said that there is no film industry in his country and there is no infrastructure to produce films, no facilities of studios, laboratories and related requirements.

Lead actress of Lara’s upcoming film Emoticon, Lock Mi Kwan was also present and doubled up as French-English translator at the press conference.

Lara, a historian and journalist turned film maker, remarked that every film is an adventure and determination helps to see impossible tasks get accomplished.

He also informed that he has plans to shoot for his upcoming film in India.

He said he looks forward to work with Indian actors and actresses and revealed his fascination to cast famous Bollywood actress Madhuri Dikshit for his film.

He expressed his desire to strengthen the bond between Guade Loupe and India through film making.

Heritage Perdu is the film which is a story of Pierre Mombin, native of Guade Loupe receiving a recorded letter from Africa, asking him to come over and visit his unknown family.

Lara’s newest film, Emoticon, about an unlikely relationship between a young Chinese girl and a terminally ill 70-year-old Provence based painter, is due in 2011.

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