Film makers were miffed because Gulshan Grover breached their trust

Mumbai, Jan 14 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover says he had rushed to Los Angeles after he got a call from Salma Hayek asking about the premature reports of her proposed film ‘The Driver‘ with him. Now all is well and the film starts shooting in summer this year.

‘Yes, I had to rush to LA for some serious damage control. Everyone, from my leading lady Salma Hayek to my director Bill Duke, wanted to know, ‘Gulshan, what’s going on?’. The film’s makers were miffed with me because I had broken their trust. Now it’s all sorted out,’ Gulshan Grover said, speaking from Los Angeles.

Apparently even Salam Hayek rang up Gulshan to ask him about the rush of information about their project. Not that Gulshan regrets it.

‘I’ve signed a film with Salma Hayek and that too in a leading man’s role. Why should I not shout about it from rooftops? Though I’d now have to be more discreet, no damage was done.’

‘The director loves me too much to take offence. When he came to sign me, I told him I am not the Tom Cruise in India, that I specialise in villainous roles. They still wanted me. I think that says something,’ said Gulshan.

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