Film Festival or young Kolkatans

Kolkata, Sept 12 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Students can look forward to an exciting week ahead as Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) will be holding a film festival to entertain young minds.

BITM will be screenings of exciting, fun-filled and thought-provoking films.

The four-day film festival which starts from Sept 13 will showcase films from all over the world including Iran, Mongolia and South Africa.

BITM is organizing the festival in collaboration with Bichitra Pathshala, Children’s Film Society of India and Prix Jeunesse Foundation of Germany. They have divided films according to classes.

For Classes I and II animated movies like ‘A Sunny Day’ from Germany, ‘Shaun the Sheep’ from UK, will be screened along with movies like Peanut Butter, ‘Soapbox Race’ from Belgium, ‘Jakub’ from Poland, ‘My Family’ from Nepal, The Boy The Slum The Pans’ Lids, Anders Artig, and ‘Going for Water’ from Mongolia.

Classes III and IV students will be treated with films ranging from magic like ‘The Magic Tree: Devourer of Books’ from Poland to film dealing with mentally challenged person called ‘Friend’ from Mongllia, to the film which is based on the famous  frog and the princess story called ‘A Slippery Tale’.

Students will be entertained with films like The Prince & the Crown of Stone, Chutkun Ka Mahabharat, Krish Trish Baltibuoy I and II which takes student on a journey to see different folk culture form different parts of India.

Films like Anders Artig, ‘Hero’ from Mongolia and ‘The Snakeboy & the Sandcastle’ from Mongolia will also be showcased for classes III and IV students.

Students of classes V, VI and VII can look forward to movies like ‘Muted Music’ from Iceland, ‘Ponds of Mirror’ from Iran, ‘Puppetry’ from Netherlands, and ‘Icecream’ from Moa.

CFIS films like Kabhi Paas Kabhi Fail, Mahek Mirza, Sunshine Berry & the Disco Worms and others will be screened.

More serious, thought provoking as well as entertaining films will be screened for classes IX, X, XI, and XII.

Films like ‘The Day I Decided to be Nina’ which is about a 11 year old boy’s desire to be a girl and ‘Beyond Belief’ I, II, III, IV  from the Sukriti Foundation which is about 16 differently abled young men’s adventure in the forest of North Bengal will be screened.

Other movies which will be showcased for them are ‘Please Vote for Me’ from China, Stark: Kevin Hear Me Out, Wagah, ‘Little Peace of Mine’ from Israel, Little Terrorist, The Other Way, and Hayat from CFSI.

Films for all age group will also be screened in the festival. The films are Weird Nature, Ice Age (Dawn of the Dinosaurs), Galapagos, Africa-The Serengeti, Amazon, and Dinosaur.

CFSI will be repeat screening of few films from their earlier film festival ‘Monsoon Dhamaal’ for those who missed out due to limited sitting arrangements while showcasing five more new films.

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